How To Use Laminate Flooring To Express Your Unique Style

How To Use Laminate Flooring To Express Your Unique Style
Playful or serious, traditional or avant-garde, the interior of your home provides a perfect opportunity to create your personal style. Express yourself using colors, designs, and furnishings that reflect your interests and hobbies. With a little thought and planning, walls, floors, furniture, and decorations all come together as a personal expression of who you are. You don't have to be a professional interior decorator to create a look and feel that suits your style when you select the best color of flooring and furnishings that come together in a way that you like. Premium 12mm laminate flooring from Best Laminate is a simple, affordable, DIY way to transform your home and create the perfect foundation for your interior design project.

Kronoswiss laminate flooring, as well as being an affordable home renovation, provides long lasting, easy to clean, durable beauty in a wide variety of colors and styles. Unlike the original high gloss laminate planks on the market, today's products come in practically every wood grain imaginable, as well as in stone and tile designs. The photographic appliqué that lies on top of the strong, flexible planks is sealed under a clear top coat that is impervious to scratches, spills, and dirt. This means that your laminate flooring will continue to look like new long after other flooring materials show signs of heavy traffic, accumulated grime, and discoloration.

Laminate Flooring Sets The Tone

Laminate flooring sets the tone of any room. If you prefer contemporary or casual styles, the lighter, more rustic colors of oak or cherry look the best. For a more traditional appearance, the darker, richer wood tones of mahogany and hickory provide plenty of Old World charm and grace. Pergo floor is available in bleached pine for a beautiful cherry or beachfront style, and at the opposite end of the color spectrum, black Wenge can give your home a striking appearance unlike any other. When deciding on the color of your laminate flooring, keep in mind that it will set the tone for the entire room. Like a professionally mounted picture frame, the background of a picture or a room can drastically alter its style and appearance.

The Psychology Of Color

 When selecting the color of your high gloss laminate flooring, ask yourself if you will be using your existing furniture or if you will be using something new. The color scheme of the high gloss laminate flooring should complement the color of your furniture. Earth tones, such as browns and greens, have a calming effect on a room. The brighter primary colors of blue, red, and yellow feel more active and upbeat. Black and white create a sense of elegance, and pastels are both lighthearted and calming. Before installing  laminate flooring, you will want to decide on the overall feel you want to create in each room.

Adaptable And Affordable Flooring

Finding the right high gloss laminate flooring for your home does much more than simplify housework while creating a beautiful room. These high quality, durable, high gloss laminate planks act as a neutral background that can adapt to changing seasons, styles, and color schemes. There is no need to lock yourself in to the avocado shag carpeting of the 1970's or the faded floral linoleum of housing projects and apartment complexes. Whatever the current style, you can find cheap Pergo laminate flooring that complements the current color scheme, or something entirely different. Laminate flooring comes in such a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs that you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for to create the home of your dreams.

Factoring In The Future

As with most home improvement projects, the long-term view should be considered before committing to a particular color scheme. If selling or renting is in the future, neutral colors are recommended. Neutral colors also adapt more readily to your own changing lifestyle. If a baby is on the way, that should also be considered when selecting the color and style of your new laminate flooring for boys or girls roomAC4 laminate flooring is excellent in homes with pets or children with its easy-to-clean surface.

Opposites And Blends

Laminate flooring can either contrast with furniture, making it stand out, or it can blend in, creating a more soothing atmosphere. Wall color should also be taken into account when shopping for high gloss laminate flooring. There are many hues and tones of cheap Pergo laminate flooring available, ensuring that you will be able to find the right color. For a more striking appearance, some homeowners opt for contrasting trim, baseboards, and moldings, while others select matching colors. Depending upon the overall feel you want to create, you can mix and match to your heart's delight.

Whatever style, color scheme, and feel you want to create for your home, quality laminate flooring available from Bestlaminate is an affordable way to add value, comfort, and good health to your home and all at a reasonable price.