Overall Rating: 99.93%
Average Rating: 9.99/10
I was looking for flooring online for days!! it was so frustrating because when I found anyting I liked the shipping was outrageous! I was so excited when I found besteliminate when I saw the prices for flooring they had my attention and I couldn't believe the choices! then I saw the shipping the fees and the deal was sealed. they offer free samples too! I kept thinking this is too good to be true.I called and asked for samples and got them sampled ASAP. I called and placed my order it arrived in a matter of days. the delivery driver was just as nice as the staff at bestslaminnate. we got my300sq ft for$599 total!! Also every single piece of flooring was Perfect! Thanks

Peggy P. from Momence, IL
Peggy Pina
We ordered some samples which made our selection process exceptionally easy. We then placed our order and it was delivered quickly and without incident.

Kenneth S. from Shawnee, KS
Kenneth Smith
Product, price and service is excellent.
Unfortunately shipping company didn't bring the order on time without any announcement.

Mark W. from Ashland, MA
Mark Weinberg
Great looking floor. Very easy to install with top notch customer service.

David H. from Myrtle Beach, SC
David Heermans
Your underlayment price is 40% cheaper than I can buy local. Plus is free shipping, no tax and delivered to my door in 3 days. THANK YOU

Daniel W.
Daniel Wedler
Great prices fast shipping got my job done fast

Tom R. from Centre Hall, PA
Tom Rockey
Dear Best Laminate Inc.,

I want to thank you for an amaznig customer service. I was a bit apprehensive to buy online because I worried I may not get customer service, but your staff went beyond my expectations at every turn. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.... you are a 10! I want everyone to know that they will have professionalism, knowledge & also pride in the packaging of the product.

Thank you,

Elaine in California
Elaine St. John
So easy to order.delivered on time.and the flooring is what we hoped it would be.perfect.we looked for weeks trying to find what we wanted and found it with you guys. Thanks.will tell anyone looking for flooring to save time by looking you up first.best price anywhere.you are really the best.
William Rawls
Our flooring was delivered this afternoon and thus far everything has been wonderful. Your customer service has truly been amazing. We will be referring all of our friends and family to you in the future.

Stephanie M.
Was getting ready to redo my bedroom floors and home depot and lowes had insane pricing on floor padding what they wanted for what I purchased from Best Laminate. I PURCHASED FLOORING PADDING AT A THIRD OF THE COST. YOU GUYS SAVED ME MONEY THANK YOU. I will be purchasing from you again for future projects. thanks

I have not received our flooring yet, but I wanted to thank you for the numerous emails about the status of our order and shipment. I normally pay more to shop with the big name retailers for peace of mind and security. When making large purchases, it is somewhat unnerving to trust a previously unknown company. Thank you for the updates and piece of mind! The fact that you are in high standings with the better business bureau did help. The only criticism I could give was the bizrate checkout was a little confusing, and I didn't like the survey attached. I just wanted to drop you a line to know I appreciate the emails! Hopefully the rest of the process will go as great! Thanks again!

Erin C.
Erin Callum
I could not be more pleased with both the product and the customer service I have received! Thanks so much - I will certainly do business with you again!!

Carolyn G. from Pineville, LA
Carolyn Guidry
I have been very impressed with the follow up and customer service. Thank you for being absolutely wonderful from start to finish. The pricing is spectacular and I couldn't be happier with the staff. Thanks again for saving me money and making me feel like family.
Cossett Garcia, My Realty Story LLC
Beautiful flooring with great color and ease of laying it down. This is a heavy products.. not the run of the mill stuff for cheap from the big box stores. I love the feel of the flooring on bare feet... so smooth but it looks so good.

Bonnie B. from Richardson, TX, Purchased: Kronoswiss Oak Provence
Bonnie B., Purchased: Kronoswiss Oak Provence
Hi Mary Maguire Here!

I received my 2 pallet order last week and just wanted to let you know nothing was damaged. I am so impressed, keep using all that protective cardboard around those pallets and the same carrier. I have one more house to do and I will certainly be using you guys. Thank you.

Mary M. from Pencil Bluff, AR, Purchased: Alloc Antique Oak
Mary Maguire, Purchased: Alloc Antique Oak
Complete and very timely delivery. Everything arrived in good shape. The different delivery options were well coordinated. Great Service.

Claes T. from Clinton, CT, Purchased: Pergo Accolade Claremont Slate
Claes T, Purchased:Pergo Accolade Claremont Slate
The floor is installed, and it looks beautiful. We are happy with our choice in the floor itself, and very happy with the price and customer service from Best Laminate. We have already recommended them to our friends. Next time we are in the market for flooring, we will go to Best Laminate first.

Lisa A. from Canton, OH, Purchased: Quick-Step Heathered Oak
Lisa A., Purchased: Quick-Step Heathered Oak
I've purchased underlayment only from you. Plan on installing new floor next month. See you in a couple weeks, Larry

Larry P. from Holland, NY, Purchased: Standard 3mm underlayment
Larry P., Purchased: Standard 3mm underlayment
So refreshing to speak to someone knowledgeable in there products. Spoke with Amy on numerous phone calls, Very helpful. I was greatly satisfied with color match on trim pieces matched by you. I had to order an additional trim pieced which arrived very quickly. love my flooring!

Tammy M. from Covington, LA, Purchased: Kronoswiss Historic Cherry
Tammy M., Purchased: Kronoswiss Historic Cherry
Per "Murphy's Law", the remodeling is proceeding slower than I would like. However I am going to send pictures of the project when completed!... Thanks again for your great customer service and satisfaction of your clients! Respectively, Mike Mutschler.

Mike M., from Lake,MI, Purchased: Kronoswiss Noce Country Walnut
Michael M., Purchased: Kronoswiss Noce Country Walnut

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