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Product Overview

This stunning, white-washed laminate flooring brings unique look of the coastal property. Oristano Oak D8009 floor from Kronoswiss Noblesse Collection is an excellent option for high-traffic ares. Made in Switzerland, 8mm durable core comes with AC4 rating making this floor suitable for heavy residential or commercial use!


Each plank is 7.59" wide. Kronoswiss floor will be an excellent choice for all busy spaces when high durability material is needed. Backed up with 20-year residential and 2-year commercial warranty.


  • MANUFACTURER: Kronoswiss
  • COLLECTION: Noblesse
  • MODEL: Oak Oristano
  • ITEM SKU#:D8009WG
  • THICKNESS: 8mm
  • DURABILITY RATING: AC4 (learn more about AC rating system)
  • TEXTURE: Wood Texture Finish
  • BEVELED EDGES: Square Edge
  • LOCKING SYSTEM: Angle2Angle (2G)
  • BOX CONTENT: 22.94 SQ.FT
  • PLANKS per BOX: 8
  • BOX WEIGHT: 33 lbs
  • PLANK WIDTH: 7.59"
  • PLANK LENGTH: 54.33"
  • WARRANTY: 20 Year Residential, 2 Year Commercial Use
  • CERTIFICATIONS: CARB2 0882 certificate. CARB2 0883 certificate. CARB2 0643 certificate. Other Kronoswiss brand certifications.
  • Warranty

    Kronospan grants to purchasers of KRONOSWISS Noblesse Oak Oristano 8mm laminate flooring 20-year warranty for residential useand 2-year warranty for light commercial use.

    Read detailed Kronoswiss Warranty Information e flooring.

    Product Reviews

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    Reviewed by customer
    12/01/2014 - 03:12:41 PM
    beautiful & modern
    This floor is amazing. With the double click panels it was a little more difficult to install the floor, but with professional advice from BESTLAMINATE everything went smooth. The floor is beautiful and modern.

    Lidia P. from Arvada, CO
    Reviewed by customer
    06/30/2014 - 01:14:36 PM
    Love my floor!
    This flooring is a quality product. Installation was fairly easy. I put this product in my dining room/kitchen and it looks gorgeous. It is super easy to clean everything wipes off with ease. Thank you Best Laminate, I love my floor!

    Colleen G. from Florida
    Reviewed by customer
    12/05/2013 - 02:27:25 PM
    My order was perfect!
    Looking for the perfect laminate flooring was not an easy job...i was
    looking for something specific, a white oak laminate floor for my living,
    dining and kitchen in my West Palm Beach condo. After many hours of
    research, i found Best Laminate on the Internet...Thank Goodness! I found a
    jewel among the rhinestones...
    After speaking to Ingrid and Amy, customer sales and service reps, i found
    myself amongst the living...finally someone who knows what they were selling
    by answering every single question i asked about the flooring...even when it
    came to the color, which was at that time 1 and 1/2 years ago, was not easy
    to find, for me anyway...Both Amy and Ingrid worked with me, for me and
    together we found the perfect flooring for my place, which by the way, was
    and is very affordable...They actually catered to my needs, and wants, and
    the delivery service was just the cream on top of the pudding...Frank, and
    Mike helped me with the delivery options and dates, and when delivery time
    came, it was like Santa was coming to West Palm Beach for me...Everything
    came together, on time, my order was perfect and the floor went down with
    ease...a few pieces were slightly damaged on the corner and Best Laminate,
    quickly sent me the replacement pieces at no charge.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Best Laminate, which i have already done
    by recommending them to many of my neighbors, in the Village...and we all
    agreed that working with Best Laminate was not only an experience but also a
    Thank you so much to the team at Best Laminate, and special thanks to Amy,
    Ingrid, Frank and Mike for the personal touch and friendly attitude. I love
    my floors!

    Maria T. from West Palm, Florida
    Reviewed by customer
    11/22/2013 - 09:33:53 AM
    Entire house in one day
    The staff at Best Laminate held my hand through a long period of indecision and then came through for me when I doubled the order and had to have it rushed. Besides rescuing animals, I have a love for antique furniture and nice things. I am fanatic about floors. My family begged me not to get white- but now they could not be happier. The floors are easy to keep clean-and they are lovely, plus I am so happy with them, the whole place seems brighter. As for the price- I am obsessive about going through each and every site and product- nothing came close to the special pricing I found at this store.
    As you will see from the photos, I still have not even gotten my furniture in place- however you will be able to see a good deal of the floors- how they can merge with a formal look as well as a modern or traditional. I am rarely this happy with a large purchase. They were not hard to install, we covered almost the entire house with them and with a team of 3, and they were down in one day. No fumes, no waiting for polyurethane to dry.

    Linda D. From Glassboro, NJ

    (Picture Provided Above)
    Reviewed by customer
    11/21/2013 - 03:45:53 PM
    This laminate exceeded our expectations!
    This laminate exceeded our expectations! It is the whitest laminate that we could find and the grey wood design embedded into the white background is marvelous. The texture runs vertical along the planks and feels good when you are barefoot. It feels very sturdy and looks modern, what is not to love? We were weary of ordering our laminate online, however, bestlaminate was there every step of the way with great support. We will definitely use bestlaminate again when another flooring project comes up.
    George A. From Dallas, TX
    Reviewed by customer
    10/26/2013 - 09:59:25 AM
    Quality is surperb
    Purchased the the kronoswiss white washed laminate to replace a very light carpet. Shipment came in as promised and the quality is surperb
    Easy to line up and match . Great purchase and good service.
    Thank you.

    Manfred L from West End NC
    Reviewed by customer
    10/16/2013 - 03:09:36 PM
    I get so many compliments!!!
    I love my floor. It is sturdy and easy to keep clean. I was worried when I got white with my children- it is wonderful! I really love my floor!!!! I get so many compliments!!!

    Pamela S, Cranford NJ
    (picture of the room provided)
    10/09/2013 - 10:38:43 AM
    Plan another purchase!
    We had a great experience from start to finish and plan on another purchase from your company in the near future.

    Jon B. from Dallas, PA