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Laminate Floor – Search by AC Ratings and Durability
Search by AC Rating

Bestlaminate allows you to search for your next laminate floor by durability, resistance to impact, and resistance to stains. Browse our inventory now for AC4 laminate flooring and other AC flooring.

Laminate Floor AC Ratings

The standard AC flooring rating helps consumers understand the differences in durability among laminate floor options.

Most of our residential flooring applications are an AC3 Rating, which is designed for all residential areas. Laminate flooring with an AC1 or AC2 rating should only be installed in areas where there will not be much foot traffic, such as a closet or interior room. AC4 laminate flooring is an excellent choice for commercial applications, such as public buildings, department stores, schools, and the like, and so are floors with AC5 and AC6 Ratings.

If you find laminate flooring that does not include an AC Rating, it’s likely that it has not been tested. Here at Bestlaminate we want you to have the flooring in your home or business that will meet your needs. Invest in laminate flooring with an AC Rating that will meet your wear needs.

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