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3 Things You Must Know
About Laminate Flooring
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AC3 Durability

AC3 laminate flooring is suitable for all residential applications.

From your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even entry ways. An AC3 rating makes a terrific floor for the active household.

Floors with an AC3 rating are the most popular choice for any residential applications. You should know that AC3 has two subcategories AC3/23 - suitable for heavy residential traffic and AC3/31 - ideal for use in heavy residential and light commercial spaces.

Active residential areas, as well as light commercial spaces will benefit from the installation of laminate flooring with an AC3 rating.

With dozens of flooring designs to choose from, you can find a floor that matches your wear needs; as well as a stunning look! Your home can instantly be transformed when you install laminate flooring with an AC3 rating.