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Quick-Step Elevae Gentry Oak Laminate Flooring US3224
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  • 12mm | Micro Beveled Edge | Wood Textured | AC4
  • Lifetime...
  • $3.49/sq.ft
    16.22 sq.ft in box
    In Stock

    Wenge Laminate Flooring Available from Best Laminate

    If you’re bored with your floors and want something new and interesting, wenge laminate flooring could be the solution for you. The unique color scheme and ultra-rich and deep textures of this dark laminate flooring will add a modern and interesting feel to your interior. Dark colored laminate flooring keeps your room mellow and inviting.

    Imagine Quick-Step Modello dark wenge laminate paired with white furnishings and orange accessories – simple, sophisticated, and exclusive. Dark floors are a hot trend right now, especially when accented by that splash of color! Think modern, classy, and exquisite for some inspiration!

    Add an upscale feel to your space without the price tag – add wenge laminate flooring!