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Wide Plank

Shop Wide Plank Laminate Flooring

Wide plank flooring will compliment any room. Great for large areas because fewer planks are used to cover the space. Wide plank laminate flooring is affordable and comes in several different designs to match your décor needs.

Wide Plank Flooring Selection

We love our wide plank laminate flooring!

Wide plank flooring was traditionally common only to North England’s saltboxes and 19th century rustic farmhouses. Now, in the 21st Century it’s available anywhere.

The wide-plank design offers a rich look at a more affordable price point and creates the illusion of greatness in any space. One essential advantage because of their width, fewer planks will be needed to fill up the room. Wide plank flooring is suitable for an old world design that gives your home a more rustic appeal.

Wide plank laminate flooring offers a fantastic way to update a larger space in your home. Porch areas and a home with an old world feel, would embrace these larger planks in an instant. With several patterns and designs of laminate flooring to choose from, you will find wider planks that meet your flooring needs.