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Laminate Flooring: Search by Plank Style
Search by Plank Style

Laminate Flooring: Search by Plank Style

Laminate flooring planks are offered in a variety of styles. Wide plank flooring is ideal for bigger rooms, plank laminate flooring is durable and can stand up to heavy traffic. Narrow plank laminate flooring is great for any room.

Wide Plank Flooring, Narrow Plank Laminate Flooring and More

Plank laminate flooring offers style that make each flooring pattern unique. Plank styles vary between One, Two, and Three Style Planks. Each plank offers a style that fits each pattern. Your décor and square footage may help you decide which style best fits your space.

Choose a plank style that you really like, as you will be enjoying this laminate floor for several years. From Country, Contemporary, to Exotic Designs, laminate flooring planks feature patterns that you will be happy to call all yours. Wide plank flooring, narrow plank laminate flooring and other plank laminate flooring options are available to match your style needs.

Most smaller spaces benefit from narrow plank laminate flooring 3-plank designs, sometimes called 3-strip or butcher block. Medium sized areas appreciate the wider 2-plank designs called 2-stip or half plank. And of course 1-plank design, called full plank will fit great into bigger space.

Envision your space when you are deciding on plank style. After all, your space is designed with you in mind and meant to be enjoyed for years on end.