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2 Plank
Kronoswiss Noblesse Nordic Ash D8007WG
(2 Reviews)
  • 8mm | Square Edge | Wood Texture Finish | AC4
  • 20 Year Residential, 2...
  • $1.14/sq.ft $1.79/sq.ft
    22.94 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Pergo Accolade Castlewood Maple LF000549
    (0 Reviews)
  • 8mm | Square Edge | Satin Texture | AC3
  • LusterGuard Plus Surface...
  • $0.99/sq.ft $2.29/sq.ft
    20.17 sq.ft in box
    Take It All Offer - 9 bxs (181.53 sq.ft.)

    Two strip design gives the staggered appearance associated in each plank. The appearance of two rows of strips correlates to express the color variation from dark to light shades of the flooring.

    The use of multi-strip planks will make a small room appear larger without additional work. Creation of these smaller planks designed into one plank gives you the ease of placing the idea of two planks down in only one board. Simplicity and ease are at your fingertips, literally.