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Wide and Narrow Plank Laminate Flooring – Search by Width
Search by Plank Width
Bestlaminate Pro-Line Vintage Ash PLL8005
(0 Reviews)
  • 12.3mm | Multi-Width Planks | AC3
  • $1.77/sq.ft
    22.46 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Pergo Accolade Parkside Oak LF000551
    (1 Review)
  • 8mm | Square Edge | Gloss All-Over-Texture | AC3
  • LusterGuard Plus...
  • $0.99/sq.ft $2.29/sq.ft
    20.17 sq.ft in box
    22 Boxes = 443.74 sq.ft
    Pergo Accolade Rustic Caldera Oak LF000555
    (0 Reviews)
  • 8mm | Square Edge | All Over Wood Texture | AC3
  • LusterGuard Plus...
  • $1.29/sq.ft $2.29/sq.ft
    20.17 sq.ft in box
    Limited Stock

    At Bestlaminate, we know that the width of laminate planks can make or break your room's design. Consider your room's size and personal preference when ordering narrow plank laminate flooring or wide plank flooring, but don't fret. We have free samples available, so you can easily determine what laminate flooring is right for you!

    Choosing Wide or Narrow Plank Laminate Flooring

    Classic laminate flooring adds an upscale look to any home. Choosing a suitable board width, however, can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge with so many available options, which range from very narrow (less than three inches across) to wide planks (which may be five to seven inches, on average).

    When deciding on your ideal floor, consider your existing decor, room size and personal preference to help you determine whether narrow plank laminate flooring or wide plank flooring will be the best fit for you.