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Pergo Accolade Castlewood Maple LF000549
(0 Reviews)
  • 8mm | Square Edge | Satin Texture | AC3
  • LusterGuard Plus Surface...
  • $0.99/sq.ft $2.29/sq.ft
    20.17 sq.ft in box
    Take It All Offer - 9 bxs (181.53 sq.ft.)
    Kronoswiss Noblesse Original Merbau D2281WG
    (1 Review)
  • 8mm | Square Edge | Wood Texture Finish | AC4
  • Planks are 54.33”...
  • $1.14/sq.ft $1.49/sq.ft
    22.94 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Kronoswiss Noblesse Woodham Oak D2834WG
    (1 Review)
  • 8mm | Square Edge | Wood Texture Finish | AC4
  • Ideal for Commercial...
  • $1.14/sq.ft $1.50/sq.ft
    22.94 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Kronoswiss Noblesse Tokyo Oak D8012NM
    (5 Reviews)
  • 8mm | Square Edge | Satin Finish | AC4
  • 20 Year Residential Warranty...
  • $1.21/sq.ft $1.49/sq.ft
    22.94 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Kronoswiss Noblesse Oak Provence D2565WG
    (2 Reviews)
  • 8mm | Square Edge | Wood Texture Finish | AC4
  • 2-Strip Plank Design...
  • $1.14/sq.ft $1.49/sq.ft
    22.94 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Classen Premium Fresco 25964
    (12 Reviews)
  • 8mm | Beveled Edge | Satin "Weathered Wood Look" Finish | AC4
  • Plank...
  • $1.56/sq.ft $2.69/sq.ft
    22.15 sq.ft in box
    Pre-Order - ETA 4.1.2017
    Feather Step Road House Hickory B866
    (6 Reviews)
  • 12.3mm | Beveled Edge | Handscraped Finish | AC4
  • Sturdy and Durable...
  • $1.67/sq.ft $1.99/sq.ft
    17.36 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Inhaus Tuxedo Park Andean Malabar 27326
    (0 Reviews)
  • 8mm | Beveled Edge | High Gloss Finish | AC3
  • Attached Pad
  • ...
    19.93 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Inhaus Natural Prestige Vancouver Oak 26389
    (0 Reviews)
  • 10mm | Beveled Edge | Hand Scraped Finish | AC5
  • Plank Size:...
  • $2.82/sq.ft
    17.72 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Kronoswiss Noblesse New York Oak D8014NM
    (1 Review)
  • 8mm | Micro Beveled Edge | Natural Oiled Finish | AC4
  • Easy to...
  • $1.46/sq.ft $1.99/sq.ft
    22.94 sq.ft in box
    Out of Stock
    Product is out of stock
    Kronoswiss Swiss Prestige Merbau D1460PR
    (4 Reviews)
  • 7mm | Square Edge | Satin Finish | AC3
  • Rating: AC3/31- stands up to...
  • $0.89/sq.ft $1.29/sq.ft
    25.80 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Armstrong Grand Illusions Afzelia L3030
    (1 Review)
  • 12mm | Beveled Edge | High Gloss Piano Finish | AC3
  • $3.47/sq.ft
    13.05 sq.ft in box
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    Kitchen Floors, Bathroom Laminate Flooring & More

    Trying to decide on the style of your kitchen floors or for another room of the house? We have a lot choose from! Rustic flooring and country style are right on trend. Your bathroom laminate flooring will be the star of the home with any of these beautiful and durable options.

    Country and Rustic Flooring and  Other Styles&

    Laminate flooring is available in a wide variety of interesting styles. Kitchen floors, bathroom laminate flooring and any other room of the home can be interesting and fun to decorate with these flooring options.

    If your style is contemporary, exotic or even eclectic; laminate flooring offers a style that will meet your needs. Laminate flooring is not dull or boring, it is durable, fun; and offers style unlike no other. Style is often thought to be expensive, not the case when you invest in laminate flooring.

    If you are a beach lover, the coastal designs in laminate flooring bring style into a space, in a matter of hours! When you install coastal décor laminate flooring you can have the beach in your home 365 days of the year. Beach lovers everywhere will appreciate the style that laminate flooring has to offer.

    Children's rooms are busy areas in many homes. The style you will find in laminate flooring will compliment many boys, girls, and nursery themes that are available in the market place today.

    The style you will find in French Bleed and French Provincial Designs will charm your home in an instant. The unique flooring patterns and designs make these great choices for those searching for affordable flooring with high style.

    We have several styles that will work into many areas of your home or business. Rustic flooring is right on trend as well as country chic. Modern and sleek floors are always in style. Choose one that offers character, charm, and style that please your eye! If it pleases your eye, imagine how others will see it.