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3 Things You Must Know
About Laminate Flooring
Shop 12mm Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring with a thickness of 12MM is the strongest, sturdiest flooring you will find in laminates.

For outstanding wear, and durability, 12MM is your go to floor. Commercial spaces of all types, including hospitals, schools, and retail stores will all make good use of laminate floor that is 12MM thick. Any Residential area will embrace a 12MM laminate floor. Kitchens, Family Rooms, Rec Rooms, and even Entry Ways are ideal for thick laminate flooring.

Thick laminate flooring is designed to take all the wear and tear you can toss its way.

High traffic areas are ideal for thick laminate flooring. 12MM laminate floors are meant to be walked on and used! They are designed for lots of activity, while offering the look and feel of natural wood. The beauty of laminate flooring that is 12MM thick is the fact that the colors, style, and designs are all top notch. You get style and durability all in one, nice package.