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Kronoswiss Zermatt Beech L8631SP
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  • 6mm | Square Edge | Satin Finish | AC3/31
  • Suitable for heavy...
  • $0.68/sq.ft $1.19/sq.ft
    31.54 sq.ft in box
    In Stock

    Affordability and price are what make 6mm thickness laminate flooring attractive to the consumer.

    Each plank is 6mm thick and offers the look of a natural floor. 6mm laminate floor is a great way to instantly spruce up a space, when affordability and a timely installation are an issue. 

    6mm laminate flooring is suitable for all over cement subfloor installations. Before installation take your time to double check the quality and moisture level of your subfloor, clean your subfloor before proceeding with the floor installation.

    Quality of the subfloor plays very important role in how easily your floor will install and perform.