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Laminate Flooring: Shop by Lifetime Warranty
Alloc Original Elegant Walnut 655853TP
(1 Review)
  • 10.8mm + 2mm pad| Square Edge | Smooth Textured Finish | AC5...
  • $3.79/sq.ft
    20.10 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Alloc Original Vintage Maple 645601SC
    (0 Reviews)
  • 10.8mm | Beveled Edge | Matted Finish | AC5
  • Aluminum Locking System...
  • $3.79/sq.ft
    20.10 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Alloc Original Portland Oak 644502WS
    (2 Reviews)
  • 10.8mm | Square Edge | Wood Textured Finish | AC5
  • Aluminum Locking...
  • $3.79/sq.ft
    20.10 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Alloc Original Natural Masari 655888WS
    (0 Reviews)
  • 10.8mm | AC5 | Aluminum Locking System
  • Silent Sound System...
  • $3.79/sq.ft
    20.10 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Pergo Elegant Expressions 5" Bingham Cherry LF000569
    (0 Reviews)
  • 10mm | Beveled Edge | Natural Wood Grain Texture | AC3
  • Add...
  • $0.99/sq.ft $2.99/sq.ft
    17.72 sq.ft in box
    TAKE IT ALL - (7 bxs = 124.04 SQ. FT.)
    Pergo Elegant Expressions Island Koa LF000573
    (0 Reviews)
  • 10mm | Beveled Edge | Random All-Over Texture | AC3
  • Exotic,...
  • $1.88/sq.ft $2.99/sq.ft
    17.72 sq.ft in box
    3 boxes = 53.16 sq.ft.
    Pergo Elegant Expressions Striped Rosewood LF000572
    (0 Reviews)
  • 10mm | Beveled Edge | Random All Over Texture | AC3
  • ScratchGuard...
  • $1.94/sq.ft $2.99/sq.ft
    17.72 sq.ft in box
    Limited Stock

    Warranty to the original residential purchaser for a lifetime from the date of purchase includes:

    -The design layer of the floor will not wear through, fade from normal sunlight or artificial or stain under normal use conditions in a dry indoor setting.

    -Floor free of manufacturer defects

    -Floor joints will remain secure under normal use conditions

    -Lifetime warranty is for replacement or refund of the laminate material. This warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only

    Warranty does not cover chipping (if sharp objects drop on it), warping (excessive moisture to the boards), bridging (insufficient expansion spacing when installing) or acts of negligence.

    -Damage from improper installation

    -The installer or house owner is responsible to verify the suitability of the sub-floor, and the inspection of the boards prior to installation to ensure the flooring is in good condition.

    -Lack of proper maintenance

    -Wrongful use

    -Abrasives or insufficient protection on furniture