Laminate Installation Checklist

We want you to be happy with your new laminate flooring. If you decided to install your floor by yourself and in order to ensure that you will enjoy years of pleasurable use, please go through this brief checklist prior installation. You have to know that warranty claims against flooring products usually turn out to be damage caused by wrong installation, rather than faulty material. You will have manufacturer warranty coverage as long as you follow manufacture's instruction.

Print Laminate Flooring Installation Checklist for your reference.

1. Read all instructions provided by manufacturer before laying, as different laminate may require different techniques.

2. Repair- make sure the subfloor is level and in good repair

3. Clean- clear all loose debris and dirt before installation. Nail or screw loose areas that squeak and replace damaged areas that are loose or have been damaged by moisture.

4. Check moisture level of the subfloor

5. Acclimate your floor before you start laying it. Your floor must be conditioned

6. Adjust room temperature. Heating/ air conditioning must be on and set at minimum of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Radiant heat must be operating for a minimum of three weeks prior to the installation of laminate flooring. Heating system should be turned off at the time of installation or if in winter should be set at exactly 65 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 48 hours prior the installation.

8. Install proper underlayment. Use regular underlayment for wood subfloor. Use vapor underlayment for: wood subfloor over crawl space, in manufactured     houses, vinyl installed over concrete, cement subfloor, ceramic tile installed over cement subfloor, radiant floor.

9. Expansion gap- leave minimum 3/8” gap around the perimeter of the floor, and around any stationary objects such as pipes, columns, build in cabinets. Size of the expansion gap depends on the type of laminate flooring product you are installing an in same cases has to be increased. In most cases you don't need expansion joint in a single room up to 30 linear feet or/and 1,000 square feet. Leave expansion gap installing transition moldings as well.

10. Inspect laminate planks before installation. Examine the quality of each laminate plank before installing it. Put damaged pieces on side, sometimes you can use them as "starters". If after opening 3 boxes you have more faulty material, contact seller before opening next box. Do not install flooring with a quality issues.

Final advice: Most manufacturers have very detailed installation instructions on their web site. Take advantage of it and check it out before installation. It's free. However, if for some reason in any stage of installation you have doubt in your ability to successfully finish it, hire a professional installer who is BBB listed, insured and can give you at least one recommendation. Don't be shy to call his customer to check quality of his work.

You can always count on our technical support. We are authorized distributor of the top quality laminate flooring and our well trained flooring specialists are here to answer all your questions. Call us at 1-800-520-0961 anytime during work hours - we will be happy to help!