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About Laminate Flooring
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When buying Unilin laminate flooring, you are investing in one of the most low maintenance, durable, and practical flooring options on the market. Every day messes are easy to clean as the surface does not hold dirt and is allergen free. Unilin floors don't need waxing, polishing or refinishing and are scratch, burn, wear, and moisture resistant! What else is there to ask for?

Unilin flooring will stand up beautifully to years of normal wear. In addition, Unilin laminate is not only a great solution for your lifestyle but also a DIY friendly product with an innovative and easy to work with Uniclick locking system by QuickStep! Simply choose favorite color with confidence and relax! Unilin laminate flooring is a trusted and premium quality.

Certifications: View the compiled list from the California Air Resource Board website for proof of Unilin brand CARB2 compliance. View ECC certificate for Unilin here. View Unilin brand quality information here.