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  • Standard 3mm Underlayment Standard 3mm Underlayment
  • Standard 3mm Underlayment Standard 3mm Underlayment
  • Standard 3mm Underlayment Standard 3mm Underlayment
  • Standard 3mm Underlayment Standard 3mm Underlayment
  • Standard 3mm Underlayment - Customer Photo Standard 3mm Underlayment
  • Standard Underlayment - main picture
Standard Underlayment - main picture

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Product Overview

You will want to choose and purchase the right laminate flooring underlayment to install your floor. Remember, laminate flooring is a floating floor. Therefore, you must install foam underlayment before you install the actual laminate flooring. This really is an inexpensive part of the project, but a necessary one. For wood subfloor all you need is standard foam underlayment. This floor padding can be used for laminate flooring and any other floating floors.


Standard underlayment is most popular choice and most popular choice. Suitable for installation over wood subfloor only, because do not have a moisture barrier. 3mm think, sold per sq.ft. Standard underlayment is essential when installing laminate flooring. The main reasons to install laminate underlayment is to help your floated floor to float, even minor imperfections in the sub-floor and absorb sound when walking on the floor. The underlayment has to be laid down over the sub-floor and once you are done with this you can lay your floor right on the underlayment.


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  • Price per sq.ft
  • Color: White
  • 3mm=1/8" thick
  • Solid construction
  • Use it for wood subfloors
  • Basic sound reduction
  • Installation Instructions

    When your subfloor is perfectly clean ( use vacuum cleaner ) and ready for installation , roll out the underlayment, perpendicular to the direction of the laminate planks.

  • Start from the wall.
  • Continue rolling out your underlayment
  • Don't overlap the rows
  • You can secure rows with tape
  • Install your floor over it

    Watch Our Step-by-Step Installation Instruction: How To Install Standard Flooring Underlayment

  • Product Reviews

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    Reviewed by customer
    03/15/2016 - 03:16:30 PM
    Flooring underlay worked great! Easy to install and made floor install great and fast.
    Reviewed by customer
    03/09/2015 - 11:54:40 AM
    Very Satisfied
    Product arrived very quickly and for a fantastic price. Installed quite easily and was exactly as described. I used it under laminate in our master bedroom and it has provided just the right amount of cushion and sound barrier for our needs. Very satisfied with BestLaminate's service. Wouldn't change a thing. Thanks!

    Michael V. - Georgia
    10/10/2013 - 10:41:53 AM
    Better and less expensive
    Bought the standard underlayment. Better and less expensive than either DIY store. Feels great under my floor.

    Bruce A. from Bearfoot Bay, FL