The History Of Laminate Flooring

From Countertops To One Of The Top Selling Flooring Products Today

Rapidly gaining popularity due to it affordable price, ease of installation, and durable beauty, Pergo laminate flooring got its start in Sweden in the early 1920s when lamination was first developed. Lamination is composed of many layers held together with glue or resin and then cured with heat or pressure. Lamination creates a new material that is stronger than each of its components.

This synergistic quality makes lamination the method of choice when creating products that must be durable and reliable, such as vehicle windshields, giant-sized beams, and floors. Piano finish laminate planks from Bestlaminate are today's high tech solution to the problem of affordable, durable, and beautiful floors that are easy to install, scratch and moisture resistant, and virtually maintenance free.

The Pergo Product

When the Swedish chemical and lamination company, Pergo, started creating durable laminated countertops that were both scratch and moisture resistant, they discovered that they had leftover materials and available factory time to use. Over time, with new research and a few modifications in the lamination process, laminate flooring was born in 1977 and was called Pergo. Ten times stronger than the kitchen countertops that started it all, Pergo flooring quickly spread throughout Europe as the affordable floor of choice. There are several factors that have contributed to the increased popularity of piano finish laminate flooring, not the least of which is the strength that comes from its construction.

Laminate Flooring Construction

The original laminate flooring, Pergo, was and is made by chopping up scrap wood that might otherwise have ended up in landfills and creating thin sheets. These sheets are compressed together using glues or resins, and then cured with heat and/or pressure to create planks that are both flexible and extremely strong. The laminate flooring planks are then topped with photographic images of various hardwoods, stone, or tile. These images have developed to the point that it can take an expert to differentiate between real hardwood and piano finish laminate flooring. The term 'piano finish laminate' refers to planks with a brilliant shine that does not fade with normal use and care. Many people use the Pergo name to refer to all brands of laminate flooring, but there are other manufacturers and other brand names.

Market Expansion

Pergo laminate flooring quickly became popular in Europe after first being introduced on the market. Its affordability, ease of installation, and durable beauty made it highly sought after in homes and businesses of all sizes. It wasn't introduced to North America until the early 1990s, but the market has continued to expand at an ever increasing rate as homeowners work to increase property values and comfort in today's difficult housing market. Pergo piano finish laminate flooring is rapidly replacing the allergen-infested carpets of apartment buildings with easy-to-clean planks that retain their like-new look for far longer than other materials.

Ease Of Installation

Another reason behind the rapid expansion of the laminate flooring market is a result of how simple it is to install. Even the inexperienced homeowner or teenager can install new flooring in as little as a weekend. Unless the old floor is carpeted, Pergo laminate flooring can be installed directly on top of the floor. This is called floating, and it adds an extra layer of insulation at a time when energy costs continue to rise. There is no need for special tools or skills when installing laminate flooring, unlike those needed to install carpets, vinyl, stone, or tile. Along with easy installation, laminate flooring does not require waxing, sanding, polishing, or sealing to retain its beautiful appearance, making it even more useful for those with little time to spare for extensive cleaning tasks.

Reliable Rating

As laminate flooring gained in popularity, new manufacturers came upon the scene, making claims about the durability and wear tolerance of their products. To ensure customer satisfaction and to eliminate lower quality products, a testing and rating system was initiated in 1994 in Germany. This organization tests the wear claims made by laminate flooring manufacturers. The planks are tested for resistance to scratching, burning, and staining, as well as their tolerance against furniture castors. Only the laminate flooring planks that pass all portions of these tests are given what is called an AC rating. This increased reliability helps consumers select products that are proven to provide the benefits promised by piano finish laminate flooring. The natural progression from durable counter tops to affordable, easy-to-clean planks has made Pergo's piano finish laminate flooring a household name in the world of home improvement. Recent developments are making laminate flooring from Best Laminate even more popular, as further research makes it more durable, more affordable, and more difficult to distinguish from floors made from living trees. Clearly, this beautiful, affordable product has only begun to make its mark on the human standard of living.

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