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  • Grey Laminate Flooring Planks Timeless Designs Grey CS13012
  • Grey Laminate Flooring Planks Timeless Designs Grey CS13012
  • Grey Laminate Flooring Locking System Timeless Designs Grey CS13012
  • Grey Laminate Flooring Planks Texture Timeless Designs Grey CS13012
  • Grey Laminate Flooring Planks Texture Timeless Designs Grey CS13012
  • Customer Room Scene Featuring Timeless Designs Grey Laminate Timeless Designs Grey CS13012
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Product Overview

Timeless designs addresses the popular color of grey in this product. Ash grey-brown color fades into the middle of a rich ash brown attitude, accenting the bold and exquisite waved patterned grains. White detailed grains bleed through the shadowing grey, and brown colors. Touch to feel sync together the hand craved cuts into this board, modern but rustic- what a look!


Grey contains a durability of an AC3 which is perfect for residential traffic, supplied on a 12mm board with 2mm pad attached. Having the pad attached cuts the installation time in half. The wire brush is displayed as a 7.7” wide board, containing the color in a wide board enhances the idea of rustique. Backed by a 20 year residential warranty against wear, stain, fade or scratch resistance.
  • 12mm + 2mm pad attached
  • AC3 Durability Rating
  • 20 Year Residential Warranty
  • Brushed Finish
  • Specification

  • MANUFACTURER: Timeless Designs
  • MODEL: Wire Brushed Collection
  • DESIGN: Grey
  • ITEM SKU#:CS13012
  • THICKNESS:12mm + 2mm Foam
  • TEXTURE: Wire Brushed Finish
  • EDGES: Beveled Edges
  • LOCKING SYSTEM: Glueless
  • BOX CONTENT: 15.30 SQ.FT
  • PLANKS per BOX: 6
  • PLANK WIDTH: 7.7" plank
  • PLANK LENGTH: 47.84"
  • WARRANTY: 20 year residential
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Timeless Designs FloorScore certification. Other Timeless Designs brand certification information.
  • Warranty

    Timeless Designs is ensured a 20 Year Warranty

    Read detailed Timeless Designs Warranty Information

    Installation Instructions

    First Row
  • Measure the row before laying the first panel. Cut the first panel according to the length required for the last panel.
  • Measure for straightness and cut the panels to make sure the inner edge of the first row of panels is secure before starting second row.

    TIP:Measure the last row for panel width first. Then cut first row panels to the same width as last row. Less than 2 inches is not recommended.

    Position the first row panels along one wall, leaving space for expansion between panels.

  • Lock the ends of the panels together until the first row is finished

  • Second Row
  • The first panel of the second row should be long enough so the ends of the second row panels reach past the seams of the first row panels.

    TIP: If the remaining section of the last panel of the first row is long enough, use it for the first panel of the second row.

  • Line up the first panel of the second row so the outside end is even with the outside end of the first panel of the first row. Lock the long side in place and then tapping the end of the panel to side it into firmly into place at its end.

  • Middle Rows
  • Lay each of the panels of the remaining middle rows in the same manner. In order to stagger the end seams of each panel, it is recommended that the length of the first panel of each row be varied.

  • Last Row
  • Because the width of the last row may be less than of the previous rows it maybe necessary to cut the panels of the last row to the appropriate width. (See TIP for first row.)
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    Product Reviews

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    Reviewed by customer
    09/14/2015 - 11:33:37 AM
    I love my laminate floors! The boards fit together very tight. Between that and the 12mm thickness, the floor is very quiet. There is a lot of variation in color which means dirt does not show.

    Bestlaminate was awesome to work with. I highly recommend the company as well as the product.

    -Denise H.