Top Maintenance Secrets To Keep Laminate Flooring Like New For Years To Come

One of the biggest advantages of laminate flooring is its low maintenance, easy-to-clean nature. Compared with other materials, which require stripping and re-waxing, frequent wet mopping and treating with some sort of floor cleaner and then polish, or daily vacuuming followed by periodic steam cleaning with carpets, a quality wood laminate flooring couldn't be easier. Flooring from Best Laminate is designed to maintain its sleek finish, rich colors, and stain-resistant surface for much longer than other flooring materials.

To clean high gloss laminate flooring, you first sweep or vacuum it clean of dirt, dust, and debris. Next, use a slightly damp mop to pick up smaller bits left behind. That's it. There is no need for polishes or waxes, and you will never need to use scouring powder, steel wool, or other abrasives to remove even the toughest spills. Piano finish laminate planks are designed to be easy to clean and to stay as beautiful as the day they were installed

Laminate Flooring Basics

Piano finish laminate planks are constructed in dense layers for strength and flexibility. Next, a photographic appliqué of the desired wood grain, tile, or stone pattern is attached. This is covered with a clear top coat designed to withstand heavy wear, sun bleaching, and other common causes of damage. High gloss laminate planks are highly water resistant, but the seams between the planks are not waterproof, so standing water should be avoided. The biggest threat to your laminate flooring is dirt. Walking across a dirty floor can cause fine scratches that make your floor appear dull. Bigger pieces of grit or rock that get caught in the sole of your show can cause visible scratches.

Set The Stage For A Beautiful Home

There are several things you can do to help high gloss laminate flooring continue to look like new. Since dirt is the enemy of piano finish laminate planks, placing door mats at every entry point is the number one method for reducing the likelihood of fine scratches. Many families have discovered the increased comfort and reduced mess that comes when shoes are removed, Japanese-style. Easy glide felt or plastic buttons on the feet of your furniture can also reduce the likelihood of grit getting underneath and causing a scratch as furniture is moved. When moving a large piece of furniture, it is a good idea to use a dolly, both for the floor and your back.

 Less Water Is More

After sweeping or vacuuming loose debris from your high gloss laminate flooring, a damp mop is the only other step to maintaining its exceptional appearance. Unlike wet mopping, which uses a mop that is dripping water, damp mopping uses as little water as possible. While piano finish laminate planks are watertight, too much standing water can, over time, seep down between the planks and behind baseboards, causing problems. Many pet owners place an absorbent mat of some type underneath their pet's water bowl, just in case.

 Products To Avoid

One of the nicest things about installing high gloss laminate flooring is that you can toss out many cleaning supplies. Wax strippers, floor wax, floor cleaner, and floor polish become obsolete. Your piano finish laminate planks need only to be wiped off and that's it. While the inappropriate use of floor polish on tile or stone can have devastating effects, polish simply will not adhere to high gloss laminate flooring. Never again will you have to strip off old, discolored wax or polish. The shine is built in to your laminate flooring so that you don't even have to think about it.

When Damage Is Done

No flooring material is perfect, but high gloss laminate flooring from Best Laminate comes close. If a smoker drops or puts out a cigarette on your laminate flooring, or if someone drops a bottle of nail polish, the damage is simply wiped up with acetone (nail polish remover). If grease or tar is spilled on any other floor, the damage is permanent. On high gloss laminate flooring, they are simply wiped up with mineral spirits. Of course, prevention is always the best medicine. If heavy tools are being used, taking the time to lay down a heavy blanket, tarp, or chunk of old carpet can prevent the damage that would occur to your piano finish laminate planks if a heavy tool were to be dropped on its surface.

Your high gloss laminate flooring from Best Laminate will continue to look its best for many years simply by wiping up spills right away, avoiding standing water, and using a broom and damp mop periodically. These measures are all it takes to keep your high gloss laminate flooring from Best Laminate looking like new.