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3in1 Blue Vapor Foam
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100.00 sq.ft per roll
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Product Overview

3in1 Blue Vapor Barrier Underlayment is universal and affordable.Suitable for all types of subfloor including cement subfloor. Ideal for for all flooring ranging from concrete slab, bamboo, floating and wood floors, or even laminates engineered hardwood!

This underlayment is 2mm thick and will provide you with basic performance and moisture protection.


Vapor 3ion1 (Combo) Underlayment includes an attached moisture barrier, tape for easy installation and overlap for moisture protection. It is 2mm thick and comes in 100sq.ft rolls. This vapor underlayment is used whenever there is a possibility of moisture coming up through the subfloor. This would usually be a concrete basement or an area with a crawl space directly underneath.
  • Comfort: The 3in1 underlayment provides a cushioned and moisture barrier that will protect your floor, keeping it insulated and free of leaks!
  • Versatile: This underlayment is suitable for all flooring ranging from concrete slab, bamboo, floating and wood floors, or even laminates engineered hardwood!
  • FREE SHIPPING OFFERED: The silver underlayment comes in 100 square foot rolls and is even offered with a FREE SHIPPING to 48 US states!
  • Separate Packaging: Each roll is separately packaged In its own plastic wrapper to ensure safety!
  • Underlayment is 44" wide
  • Specification

    Free shipping for all US 48 states via UPS.


  • Available in 100 sq.ft quantity
  • 44" Wide
  • Packaging: each roll is packed separatelly in a plastic wraper.
  • Blue color
  • 3in1construction: vapor protection, tape strip for easy installation, basic cushion
  • Use it wherever there would be the possibility of moisture coming up from the subfloor.
  • 2mm thick
  • Overlap for easy installation
  • Basic sound reduction


    Installation Instructions

    When your subfloor is perfectly clean ( use vacuum cleaner ) and ready for installation , roll out the vapor underlayment, silver part facing your subfloor, perpendicular to the direction of the laminate planks.

    Start from the wall and nail PE overlap to the wall. Continue rolling out your underlayment but be sure to put silver part down and use overlap section (located on the side of the underlayment) to butt edges of the underlayment together- don’t overlap - and secure rows with tape.

    Product Reviews

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    Reviewed by customer
    09/05/2014 - 11:44:48 AM
    the best!
    I love my floors! The underlayment worked out perfectly. It was the best price for quality than all the other retailers.

    Shana A. from Georgia