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Vinyl Plank Flooring- Search by Light Shade
Light Shade
Featherweight Vineyard Plank 1998
(3 Reviews)
  • 4mm | Square Edge | Hand scraped Wood Texture | 0.3mm
  • Moistureproof...
  • $1.89/sq.ft $2.79/sq.ft
    26.53 sq.ft in box
    In Stock
    Vinyl flooring is easy on the wallet and can even be installed on your own! However, choosing the right vinyl flooring can be tricky. We have a variety of colors and shades offered for you. If installing in a small or dark room selecting a light vinyl can make a huge difference!

    Light shaded vinyl’s can open up a room, making it more refreshed and bright. We offer light vinyls with a variety of designs. You have the option to choose from an ashy oak, a refreshing red, or even a stone tile vinyl.

    Vinyl is easy to maintain and is even waterproof. Worried about common spills? No need – you can clean it up in no time with vinyl!