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Your Options for Vinyl Flooring Warranties
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When choosing the best vinyl flooring for you, you of course want to take into consideration your flooring warranty. Bestlaminate allows you to search by manufacturer warranty so you can make an easy and informed decision.

Your Vinyl Flooring Warranty

Luxury vinyl flooring comes with a 10 year residential, 25 year residential, or lifetime residential warranty, each of which offers years of enjoyment for active households that appreciate a beautiful floor with long use.

Vinyl flooring with 10 year residential warranty is a great and budget-friendly option when it comes to updating your home. Premium vinyl plank flooring with 25 to 35 year residential warranty provides many years of enjoyment for busy households. A lifetime residential flooring warranty is a good choice for floors that will have higher amounts of foot traffic over time.

If you are purchasing for public areas, such as hotels, meeting rooms, dental practices, schools, medical settings and the like, consider a commercial warranty to experience all the beauty and practicality that you can find in vinyl plank flooring. Moisture-proof flooring with heavy-duty construction combined with a commercial warranty make this the best vinyl flooring choice for you.

No matter your flooring needs, there is a flooring warranty that’s right for you.