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Visqueen 6Mil PE Vapor Barrier Block Film (750 sq.ft roll)

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Product Overview

Visqeen 6mil PE vapor PE block is needed wherever there is a possibility of moisture coming up from the subfloor. It is suitable for installation with all floating floors, including: laminate floor, plank vinyl floors as well as floating engineered floor. Visqeen is also ideal for installation over cement floors of the floor that have pre-attached foam underlayent. Available in 750 sq.ft roll- save on this bulk pricing today! Offered with free UPS shipping.


Visqueen 6mil polyethylene plastic film is now available in a mega roll of 750 sq.ft.
  • This durable plastic film is used as a vapor barrier for laminate flooring, vinyl and engineered floor installation.
  • Buy in bulk for a practical and affordable moisture solution.
  • Specification

    Free shipping to 48 US States via UPS.

  • Sold in 100 sq.ft quantity
  • Packing:750 sq.ft roll
  • 6 Mil PE Film
  • Green
  • Polyethylen Vapor Barrier Film
  • Use it wherever there would be the possibility of moisture coming up from the subfloor.
  • Suitable for all floating floors including: laminate flooring, vinyl plank and engendered floors
  • Suitable for installation of flooring with pre-attached foam underlayment
  • Installation Instructions

    • Ensure that the subfloor is dry before you put the PE film over it. When your subfloor is perfectly clean ( use vacuum cleaner ) and ready for installation , roll out the Visqueen Vapor Block, perpendicular to the direction of the laminate planks.
    • Start from the wall and nail Visqueen underlayment to the wall. Use utility knife to cut off the roll at the wall. Continue rolling out your underlayment and cut it at the wall.
    • Unroll the next section of underlayment. Overlap the rows - overlap should be 4- 6". Tape to seal the rows. Continue until the entire subfloor is covered.
    • Then install the flooring.

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