What do warranties cover?

Laminate flooring is such a durable product that they include warranties to last, ranging from 10 to 30 years, with even lifetime warranties occasionally offered.

So what exactly does a laminate flooring warranty cover? Most laminate flooring warranties will cover the following:

  • It will not stain
  • It will not wear through to the decorative design surface
  • It will not fade from sunlight whether direct or indirect
  • It will not have any manufacturing defects

It is important you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and installation instructions by the book. Don’t get caught out by ignoring the small print because you’ll often find this will invalidate your warranty. Generally laminate flooring warranties are only valid for the manufacturer’s defects, which means that if you damage your floor during installation or maintenance and it becomes apparent that you did something against the manufacturer’s guidelines, then you will not be covered.

Some examples of breaching the manufacturer’s laminate flooring installation guidelines can include the following:

  • Material damaged in transit to the place of installation
  • Accidents or unnecessary abuse
  • Not following the manufacturer’s installation instructions
  • Poor workmanship
  • Not allowing the floor to acclimate for 48 hours before installation
  • Using nails to nail the floor down into the sub-floor
  • Not installing on an even, clean, dirt free or dry surface
  • Not using an underlay
  • Not using expansion spacers to allow the floor to expand or contract
  • Inappropriate removal or replacement of planks

Some examples of breaching the manufacturer’s laminate flooring maintenance guidelines can include the following:

  • Using bleach or abrasive cleaners
  • Using steel wool or scouring pads
  • Using wax or polish (remember, laminate floors are not real wood!)
  • Damage caused by pet urine
  • Water damage created by excessive use of water from mopping