What Is The Difference In Underlayments?

There are many underlayment’s to choose from; knowing which underlayment is for you is the key to the right products. There is a Standard Underlayment that is used for applications over wood sub-floors. There is a Visqueen Vapor Barrier that is used if you are going over concrete or areas where there is moisture. This Visqueen Vapor Barrier should be used if your laminate already has the padding attached. The Visqueen Vapor Barrier is also recommended for installing underneath Vinyl for floatation purposes only. The 2 in 1 Underlayment is for applications over a concrete slab or a place where there is moisture involved. This includes a standard Underlayment that already has the Moisture Barrier attached so you can lay it down and start installation. The 3 in 1 Underlayment has the same concept of the 2 in1 underlayment the only difference is there is a pieces of tape across the top if you would like to use it to hold down the bottoms. This is still used on concrete slabs or in a place where there is moisture.