What Is The Wear Layer of Vinyl Flooring?

To understant what vinyl flooring wear-layer is you should learn how vinyl floors are constructed. LVT planks are constructed of four layers:

- Resilient vinyl backing

- Vinyl color layer

- Photographic film layer

- Urethane or aluminum oxide top layer (wear-layer)

The protective top layer, also called the wear-layer or mil layer is very important to the durability of the product. Usually wear-layer is measured in mils or millimeters. Higher wear-layer means higher durability of the vinyl flooring is. The wear layer is built into the vinyl planks and plays an important role in durability of the vinyl floors. The wear layer protect the floor against scratches, stains and scuff marks.

When it comes to selecting your vinyl floor we suggest for residential use to select product with at least  4 mil wear layer, where commercial application will require a minimum of 12mil wear-layer products. You can browse Bestlaminate selection of vinyl floors by its wear-layer