Slim Cap moldings can be used on a variety of floors including laminate, vinyl and hardwood. This molding helps to transition between these floors and carpet. The carpet butts up next to the rounded edge, while the lip covers the end of the other flooring. This piece can also be used in masonry (fireplaces), sliding doors, front of doorways leading outside, and other exterior door jambs. Special Features: To be used in floors with an overall thickness of 0mm- 12.7mm. Overall thickness includes everything above the subfloor, including flooring planks, underlayment, either attached or loose lay, and any additional vapor barriers. Comes with Track and Shim. Note: Timeless Designs Vinyl Flooring has a thickness between 5.0mm-6.5mm, so this Slim Cap includes One track and One Shim. All Versatrim SlimCap moldings feature a Waterproof PVC core, with a High Resistant Aluminum Oxide Laminate coating, to match not only the beauty but also the durability of your floor! This quality is backed by a Lifetime Residential Warranty.
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