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10 Interior Decorating Tips to Make Your House Look Like a Designer Home

Ever look at pictures on Pinterest, Instagram, or here on the Best Laminate blog and wonder, “How did they make that room look so good?” Interior decorating tips are frequently sought after. Homeowners like you want to make their house look like an interior decorator worked their magic, without the high price of hiring a professional. Now, to help you get a home you can be proud of, we’re going to let you in on a few secrets.

Here are 10 interior decorating tips to help you make your home look amazing.

1. Give yourself some space

When it comes to arranging the furniture in your room, give yourself some extra space between each area and piece. The point of your home is to be able to move freely and comfortably. If your furniture is pushed up next to each other, you can’t get around very easily, making your room feel cramped and small.

Designer Maria Killam says, “Become spatially aware. Avoid costly mistakes by guessing what furniture will work in the space. You will find that the shape of the room, along with the position of windows and doors, will pretty much dictate the general layout of your living room.”

Contemporary Living Room by Chilliwack Interior Designers & Decorators Maria Killam

2. Use area rugs appropriately

Area rugs are a great way to break up large rooms with the same style of wood flooring. Make sure when you use an area rug to break up a room, you align your furniture correctly. For example, for large area rugs, place all of the legs of your furniture on the carpet. Interior designer, Erika Ward, used a sisal rug to make the living room a separate area from the kitchen and the rest of the house, without needing walls.

Erika Ward Interior Design

3. Use accent furniture

Accent pieces will finish a room. For the bedroom: use benches or ottomans at the end of your bed and pick lighting that will make a statement. For the living room: include a mix of furniture, such as a couch and armchair and center the room around a coffee table.

Transitional Bedroom by Hinsdale Design-Build Firms Normandy Remodeling

4. Choose your center point

Each room has a focal point where everyone’s eye will go as soon as they walk in. Choose this focal point wisely and then design around it. Feldman Architecture suggests, “Use the empty wall at the top as a focal point. Placing a large painting at the top of the stairs lends perspective and creates a focal point.”

Modern Staircase by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Feldman Architecture, Inc.

5. Be playful with colors and patterns

Don’t think zebra and colorful stripes go together? Think again! Get creative with colors and patterns to bring playful diversity to your space. Add fun accents and paintings to tie in all of the color.

“Add more pattern to an eclectic mix. The amount of color and pattern in this space is awe-inspiring.” – Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Rachel Reider Interiors

6.Flooring matters

“Flooring is a background to your furniture. It can make or break your decor,” says Anna Merotto, an interior designer and former instructor of wall and floor coverings at George Brown College in Toronto. Choose flooring that will complement your design style and household needs.

“New grey-toned laminate floors resemble reclaimed timber. Rad chose a wide plank for a more modern look and because the planks more closely resemble barn boards.” – Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Rad Design Inc

7. Decide on the lighting

The way the lights illuminate your space makes a big difference. If you want a warm space, opt for warmer lighting. If you love natural light, find lights that will maintain that natural glow morning, noon and night. Your lighting can also be a focal point of the room and add design interest.

Transitional Kitchen by St. John’s Photographers Becki Peckham

8. Get personal

You have hobbies, family, friends, and passions in your life. Bring those out in your home’s decoration. For example, hang pictures of your family in a unique arrangement on the wall. You can also incorporate passions for biking, wine, or any other hobby into your style with ease.

Contemporary Dining Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Cristin Priest {Simplified Bee}

9. Pick paint colors last

The paint on the walls is the final finishing touch to your space. It should be chosen last, once you have all of the floors, area rugs, artwork, and furniture for the room. Choose neutral hues of gray, light blues, beige and soft browns that will compliment many styles. This way, you can make the best choice to compliment your space.

Transitional Living Room by Brooklyn Architects & Building Designers CWB Architects

10. Don’t follow a set list of rules

When it comes down to it, the best spaces are the ones with unique flares and personal touches. Don’t try to follow a set list of rules or your home will not look like a home, but more like a model house. Make it easy to live in your space and you’ll be amazed at how much you can do with your own creativity.

To make your home look like an interior designer worked their magic, break away from the ordinary and go bold with your décor and design. You’ll be surprised at how great your home can look, and how much more comfortable it will be, when you stay true to yourself in your design.

We love how Liz Marie added her love for vintage and farmhouse style to this room!


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