10 Nautical Ideas for Living Room Decor

Ah, is there anything as relaxing as a day at the beach? The sound of the waves, the smell of the cool ocean air, the warmth of the sunshine – it all evokes a sense of calm. If you’re looking for ideas for your living room decor, why not bring this feeling into your home? Use our 10 nautical ideas for living room decor to create a room you always wanted. More homeowners have opted for a nautical style because of the comfort and open air vibe it provides. The chic look evokes a sense of peace and style.

1. Coastal Flooring

White washed laminate flooring will surely please someone who wants a typical coastal, nautical look. The look is light and airy, and this coastal floor is something that would be unique to your home – creating truly unique space for you to relax in.

Coastal Laminate Flooring

Coastal floors are ideal when you want to bring this special coastal feel since white, blue, gray and beige tones play such an important role in creating a nautical atmosphere. The look and feel of the ocean can be experienced when you walk across this flooring. You can bring this scenery into any home, even if it is not near the water,  you are bound to find the perfect home decor for your personal favorite beach theme right here.

2. Anchors

Anchors away. The anchor is a classic symbol in nautical décor. Add accents with this classic nautical design to your walls, throw pills, or artwork to create an instant seaside theme.

3. Ship wheels.

It’s full steam ahead to a trendy look when you have a giant ship wheel adorning your wall or on your coffee table. These classic nautical symbols are easy to incorporate throughout your living room with their simplistic yet stylish look.

 4. Sailboat

When you think of living the nautical life, you think of being on board a sailboat or ship. Add sails to your décor either as pieces for your mantle or on your coffee table to symbolize this feeling of freedom on the open seas.

 5. Starfish

Nautical living isn’t just about being on a boat. It involves all things sea-related. Starfish are beautiful creatures and ones that are often seen by boaters and beach-goers, making them the perfect addition to your décor.

 6. Coral

Another natural element that looks impressive is coral. This ocean beauty comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Use it as a focal point on your coffee table or mantle for an impressive addition to your room.

 7. Seashells

No nautical theme is complete without incorporating seashells somewhere. Add these to a small bowl or hurricane glass with sand to create an instant beach-y feel.

 8. Compass

Sailors need to use a compass to stay on route to their destination. With a nautical theme, you can use a compass to add direction to your space. Use this as an area rug for an eye-catching splash of sea-loving décor, or as a smaller mantle piece.


 9. Maps

Maps are equally as important as compasses on boats. Add a historical element to your space with a framed map. You can also use a globe as an accent piece if you don’t have space for something as large as some cartography artwork.

 10. Driftwood

Get back to the beach with pieces of driftwood. You can use these as artwork on your walls, or on your coffee tables. For an even more dramatic look to your home, add driftwood style flooring and bring your entire living room decorating scheme together in one swoop.

The nautical theme is popular because of its beautiful look and trendy style. Have you incorporated a love for the sea into your decorating scheme? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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