3 Tips How to Keep Your Wood Flooring Well Maintained During the Tough Winter Months

As with any rough winter, chances are your wood flooring are not in the best condition.  People are entering your house with wet and salty boots causing your floors to become dirty quick, or in some cases damaged by the salt and snow.  Keeping your wood floors clean is essential in making them last. Luckily, we have 3 very easy tips to consider to keep your wood floors in great shape!

1. Remove Dirty Shoes

Allow for one area to be designated for people to take their shoes off and leave them as they enter your house.   A way to mark this area is to have an entry mat available near the door for people to set their shoes on.  If you reduce the area exposed to snow and salt, you will have less of an area to spot clean. Maybe it’s time to give your entryway an affordable face lift and review functionality of your high traffic room to potentially improve it before the next winter season.

2. Check Air Temperature

With wood flooring, you can expect an expansion and contraction with temperature changes. When it comes to winter and heat, the air becomes drier. If you want to avoid gaps in your laminate or wood flooring due to contraction, you will want to test your air humidity. Your relative humidity should be between 50%-60%. If it is lower, you may want to invest in a humidifier.

When it comes to gaps in your floors, it is important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to avoid any dirt or debris from getting stuck within any gaps. Keep reading for cleaning tips.

3. Daily & Weekly Clean Once A Week

Daily cleaning is more necessary in winter months when snow, water and salt might be more present in your home. Any areas with water should be wiped up as soon as possible. It could be helpful to have a dry mop or microfiber cloth near doorways for easy clean up.

A more thorough clean may be needed once a week. Use a good quality, damp microfiber mop and avoid standing water of the surface of your floor. This may potentially damage your floor and lead to buckling. One of our favorite methods is a one part vinegar, 3 parts water mixture. You can find all of our cleaning tips and spill clean up hacks here.

If you follow these three steps the water, dirt, and grime will not build up in any spot on your floor; keeping it from warping breaking down, and molding.  If you can prevent that from happening you are one step closer to maximizing your flooring’s life.

If you have your own tips how to keep your floors in great shape during the winter months please share it in the comments below!

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