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5 Easy Tips To Make Your Living Room Pop!

With the ever increasing size of flat screens these days, it’s easy to see how it can take over and make your living room just one big space dedicated to watching T.V. With that in mind, it might be time for a living room makeover.

use these 5 easy tips to make your living room pop and take the attention off the T.V.!

Create a Focal Point (Other Than the T.V.!) 

A mantel is a great feature to make the focal point of your living room. If you don’t have one, you can create your own faux-mantel with something as simple as a large decorative shelf or ledge to something more involved such as a faux fireplace built-in.

For decorating the mantel you should do so in three sections:

  1. Statement piece – This should be something large that will draw the eye, such as an oversized clock or a large framed picture (such as a family portrait).
  2. Balancing objects – These pieces should be two similarly sized medium sized objects that will go on each side of the mantel (and the statement piece) to add balance.
  3. Filler – These are smaller pieces of varying height that go between the two balancing objects and in front of the statement piece without.
Menlo Park Architects & Building Designers Zak Johnson Architects

Update The Curtains

One simple update is to get new curtains in a fun bold print or pattern. Also, to create the illusion of a larger space, don’t hang the curtain rod at the top of the window. Take the curtain rod to the ceiling with the curtains going all the way to the floor. Also, use two curtain panels on each side to create a wider looking window with nice full curtains. 

Greensboro Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Dauray Interiors/Elements Of Style

Add Personal Touches

Since the living room is where you’ll spend the bulk of your downtime at home, adding personal touches will give it that extra homey feel. These can be framed personal pictures, last name initial signs, or meaningful accessories. 

Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Jamie Keskin Design

Build a Gallery Wall

For further inspiration when adding personal touches and creating additional focal points in the room you could create a gallery wall. It’s the perfect and creative way to display special pictures and meaningful quotes. There are plenty of tutorials on-line for arrangements and suggestions on what to include. 

Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Lindsay Pennington Inc.

Add Something Living 

Last, but not least, add something living to your living room! A potted plant or cactus (or two) will add life and freshness to the space as well as pops of color.

San Francisco Photographers Le Michelle Nguyen

What are some ways you’ve brought your own living room to life? Share your ideas below!

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