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5 Essential Tools for Laminate Flooring Installation

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Installing laminate flooring is truly one of the most consumer friendly DIY projects. It is important to make sure you are installing your laminate flooring properly! Here are 5 essential tools to install laminate flooring.

1. Measuring Tape – This is essential to installing any kind of flooring because you will need to continuously measure and then mark where you will make your cuts.

2. Reversed Jigsaw Blade with teeth pointing down – Use an old 5 gallon bucket and cut the laminate flooring right over it, allowing the saw dust to fall into the bucket. Benefits when using reversed jigsaw blade: · No chipping on the top surface of the laminate flooring. · Saw dust is dropped straight into the bucket, no mess equals easy clean up.

3. Dry Erase Marker – We like using a dark colored, dry erasable marker when installing laminate flooring. The marker is more visible than pencil, plus it’s easy to remove your mark if inaccurate measuring is to blame.

4. Undercut Saw – When installing laminate flooring it might be necessary to trim door jambs/trim so that the flooring will fit under the door. Don’t use caulk to hide your mistakes. Take your time to do it right! Cutting the trim and jamb can be done fast and easy by using an undercut saw with a rotary electric motor that drives a flat, circular saw blade in a horizontal setup. You can find a good quality undercutting saw in your local hardware store starting around $35.

5. Tapping Block and Pull Bar – Many laminate flooring brands come with easy locking systems where tapping is unnecessary or even not allowed. Sometimes in tight spots you may need one of these tools to properly install a plank without damaging it. For instance, when installing the last plank in a row you may need a pull bar to tap the plank safely and correctly into place. Using the pull bar in this case allows you to tap the board in without hitting the wall or damaging the board.

Extra Hint: Try cutting scrap pieces of laminate to use as spacers.

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