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5 Ideas for Your Basement Renovation

Whether you’re adding new flooring or painting the walls, a basement renovation can add value to your home. By sprucing up this often forgotten about space, you get more room to live and play.

But what do you put down in this dreary, dark corner of your home?

In spite of the benefits of having a nice, livable basement, many homeowners delay basement renovation projects. They might not seem fun or exciting. Getting the motivation (and courage) to go down into the dark dreary basement is sometimes hard to muster.

If you’re trying to find inspiration to start your project, here are five ideas for how you can turn your basement into a space you’ll love to be in.

1. Build a Movie Theatre

Basements usually don’t have windows. Or if they do, they’re so far down to the ground that there’s not a whole lot of sunlight. Day-to-day living in these spaces might not seem ideal, but turn your basement into a movie theatre that thrives in the darkness and you have a winner!

Add flooring that minimizes the echoing sound. Then, bring in some large cushions and blankets. Put these in front of a big screen television and you have the makings of a perfect in-home movie watching experience.

Contemporary Home Theater by Other Metro Photographers Elad Gonen
Contemporary Home Theater by Other Metro Photographers Elad Gonen

2. Create a Sports Den

When the big game is on, chances are you’re more focused on the action instead of the outside weather. You want to watch your favorite players score, cheer on your Fantasy Football team, and enjoy the experience with a handful of your closest friends. Create a sports den to make that all happen. You’ll have the coziness of a home combined with the excitement of a stadium all in one (previously depressing) room.

Bring a bar area to your basement. Then, hook up your big screen television to all of your favorite sports channels. Add in a large sofa and some bar stools and you have the perfect sports den.

Craftsman Basement by Lincoln General Contractors Change House Design & Construction
Craftsman Basement by Lincoln General Contractors Change House Design & Construction

3. Design a Reading Nook

Love to read? Cozy up in a quiet spot with your book du jour. When you turn your basement into a reading nook, you can create the exact environment you need to truly unwind while you dive into a good story.

Add candles for soft lighting. Bring in those oversized comfortable chairs that make you melt as soon as you sit down. Then, move your book collection to the basement and start reading.

Traditional Living Room on Houzz
Traditional Living Room on Houzz

4. Give the Kids a Playroom

When you have kids, toys seem to pop up just about anywhere. From your kitchen cabinets to your closet, you are constantly finding toys scattered around the house. With a play area in your basement, you can minimize the movement of toys and give your kids a space to unleash their creativity.

To make your basement kid-friendly, start by adding clean floors and a few area rugs. Bring down some comfortable chairs and lots of toys. You can even set up a tent where your kids can camp out and enjoy their own personal nook.

Basement by Lancaster Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Hammerhead Custom Carpentry, LLC of Lancaster
Basement by Lancaster Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Hammerhead Custom Carpentry, LLC of Lancaster

5. Design a Modern Home Office

It’s hard to separate your career and home life when your job lets you work out of the house – unless you put your home office on a whole other level. Turn your basement into a modern office space. You’ll be comfortable while you type away at your computer, and free of distraction from the upstairs world.

All you need is a desk, a comfortable chair, and a connection to the Internet to get started. Bring in some flowers and inspirational pictures, and you’re ready to focus on your work.

Modern Home Office on Houzz
Modern Home Office on Houzz

How have you given your basement a makeover? Share your tips and ideas for making this dark space in your home a fun place to live and enjoy.

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    These are very creative and affordable ideas to add value to our home. Thanks for sharing these interesting ideas.

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