5 Ways To Makeover Your China Cabinet

You probably have inherited or purchased an old china cabinet at some point in your life. It now sits in your dining room or kitchen, gathering priceless heirlooms and dust. You love it, but it seems to just be a dated, dark cabinet that’s been placed in a corner of your home.

Since it’s now spring-time, you’re probably itching to bring some color and vibrance into your home. Why not take this opportunity to do something amazing with that china cabinet? You’re in luck, because we’re here to bring you 5 ways to makeover your china cabinet!

1. Paint

Yes, this is the obvious one. But it doesn’t make it any less important! A paint update to a dark cabinet can really make it the focal point of your dining room or kitchen! Choose colors that pair well together. We even recommend painting the inside of the cabinet a different color than the outside. This will really make your china cabinet, and the items within it, pop! Check out Start@Home Decor’s Tutorial for this hutch.

Painting a Hutch (Photo Credit: Start@Home Decor)
Painting a Hutch (Photo Credit: Start@Home Decor)

2. Laminate Flooring

This is actually a really easier than painting! There’s little risk of mess and the result is stunning! You simply install the laminate flooring like you would on a floor, but add glue to the backs and joints of the flooring. Since this will be installed on a vertical surface, it will need the extra adhesive to make sure gravity doesn’t tear it down. But in a few short hours, you will have a stunning piece you will proudly show off! Here’s the tutorial from Driven By Decor to help you get it done right!

Laminate China Cabinet (Photo Credit: Driven by Decor)
Laminate China Cabinet (Photo Credit: Driven by Decor)

3. Chicken Wire

Did you pick up your cabinet from a junk sale? Does it have a few broken glass panes? How about swapping out all the glass for chicken wire! For a home that is looking for a farmhouse look, this is perfect! It can still be a classy cabinet, but with a little modern farm flair! There’s even a tutorial to help you along the way!

Chicken Wire Cabinet (Photo Credit: Never A Dull Day)
Chicken Wire Cabinet (Photo Credit: Never A Dull Day)

4. Wallpaper

If you want a little more pattern, choose a wallpaper for the interior and details on the cabinet! Choose a wallpaper that you love and that goes with your other decor. If your cabinet is already painted, choose something that will compliment it. If your cabinet needs a complete overhaul, start from scratch! There’s even a tutorial from Prodigal Pieces on how to make over this exact china cabinet!

China Cabinet Make Over (Photo Credit: Prodigal Pieces)
China Cabinet Make Over (Photo Credit: Prodigal Pieces)

5. Fabric

If the cabinets glass is completely busted, and the thought of chicken wire reminds you of a smelly coop, then add a little fabric! It adds a nice, soft touch to your cabinet. Choose a plain colored fabric, a patterned fabric, or even lace! You can either glue the fabric directly to the interior of the door, or install thin, nearly flat curtain rods to the top and bottom of your door. Fabric can add a nice little touch of elegance to your china cabinet. See how DIY Beautify made-over this beautiful hutch.

China Hutch with Lace (Photo Credit: DIY Beautify)
China Hutch with Lace (Photo Credit: DIY Beautify)

Have you spruced up a china cabinet? How did you do it? Tell us your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Awesome Shayla!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion to paint the inside of the cabinet a different color than the outside. My husband and I recently found the most darling china cabinet at a yard sale last week, but the paint is definitely worn, and there are a few cracked window panes. We’re most likely going to find a local company to replace the broken glass, but I think different paint colors would really give the cabinet a nice accent as well.

  3. You’re so welcome, Larissa! It looks so awesome, we couldn’t help but share it!

  4. Nothing like a simple change to make things pop! Thank you for sharing my china cabinet. 🙂

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