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Alloc Commercial Laminate Flooring Review

Bestlaminate is excited to bring to you an Alloc Commercial Laminate Flooring Review. Alloc Commercial laminate flooring offers solutions you never imagined you could experience in a high traffic area. With numerous styles and patterns to choose from, you will find a laminate floor that meets the needs of your business. Alloc Commercial laminate flooring is designed with you, the customer in mind. This flooring is not only stylish, eco-friendly, but also very smart.

Why Choose Alloc Commercial?

With an AC Rating of 5+ highest possible durability of laminate flooring, Alloc Commercial laminate flooring is built to withstand a heavy commercial usage. With lifetime residential warranty as well as 12 years for light commercial or 10 year for heavy commercial use – you don’t have to worry about anything – this floor is designed to last in most demanding environment!  Famous Alloc’s  Five Star Warranty gives you:

  • Joint integrity
  • Stain resistance
  • Fade resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Water resistance
Alloc Commercial Stone Ironite Laminate Flooring
Alloc Commercial Stone Ironite Laminate Flooring

Alloc Commercial Specs

The most amazing feature of this premium floors is their patented aluminum locking system that simplifies installation and holds the planks firmly together without using glue or special tools. In addition to aligning the joints precisely and managing force of 1,000lb/foo, Alloc’s locking system makes it easy to replace damaged planks. This is one of the reasons why ALLOC Commercial floors are #1 choice for builder and contractors working on daily basis with floor installation.

Alloc Commercial laminate flooring is a High Pressure laminate floor. This means that you will have less edge chipping, better moisture resistance, and higher impact resistance. Specifically designed to meet the needs of high traffic areas in commercial environments.

Alloc Commercial laminate is 10mm thick and comes with Alloc’s exclusive silent system underlayment. Pre attached pad create a natural sounding floor and makes installation clean and easy. The core material of Alloc Commercial floors contain a innovative AquaResist HDF board that reduces the absorption of moisture to an absolute minimum. In addition, the edges are wax sealed against moisture penetration.

Alloc Commercial Grey Vintage Oak laminate flooring
Alloc Commercial Grey Vintage Oak laminate flooring

An Affordable Flooring Solution

These features simply put Alloc Commercial laminate flooring at the top, when it comes to finding an attractive, durable  flooring for your home or business. Alloc Commercial laminate flooring is very easy to care for. You never have to buff, wax, or refinish this commercial laminate flooring. Which in turn, lowers your costs when it comes to maintaining your laminate flooring. The fact that you can walk on your laminate flooring as soon as it is installed will also save you time and money. There is no reason to close your business any longer than necessary. The quick installation cuts on each commercial laminate flooring plank, will also cut your labor time in half.

Alloc Commercial laminate flooring is the solution used in stores, beauty salons even in the airports. What better way to welcome customers into your business? Alloc Commercial laminate flooring will give your business the edge you’ve been searching for.

Alloc Commercial Summer Maple laminate flooring
Alloc Commercial Summer Maple laminate flooring

Have you installed Alloc Commercial in your office or place of business? Write about your experience in the comments below!

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  1. Couple questions, remodeling kitchen and dining area. Looking at installing laminate thru out kitchen, dining area and rest of house. Wife is concern with water damage. What products of yours do you recommend? Second, the kitchen and dining room will be electric floor heat. Can your products be used with electric floor heat. Thanks


    • Fred

      Ken, I would recommend to purchase a laminate with a high wear rating such as AC4 due to the fact that kitchens have a lot of traffic and you need to have a durable floor in order for it to last many years and give you piece of mind. Also I would suggest to order a floor with a water resistant HDF core as they perform well against moisture versus a floor with a normal HDF core. We have a few different laminates available on our website, with a moisture resistant HDF core, those include, Diamond Living, Kronopol and Kronoswiss to name a few. There are also a many floors by Alloc, Inhaus, and Toklo which have waxed edges which help prevent moisture from getting in beetween the planks. Also it is my experience that most laminate floors are suitable for installation over radiant heat subfloors. To be 100% sure that it will not void warranty I would call the manufacturer directly before you place your order. We can provide you with the telephone # once you have narrowed down your selection. You can request free samples right from our website. Thanks for your question. Fred

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