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Alloc Original Laminate Flooring Review

Alloc Original laminate flooring is one of strongest laminate flooring options on the market with an array of authentic wood finishes and innovative aluminum locking systems. We at Bestlaminate want to give you the most details about this flooring so you can make an educated flooring purchase!

Why Choose Alloc Original Flooring?

The durability of Alloc Original floor is astounding, with superior beauty that the diverse family of today will appreciate. From walnut, oak, and maple, this Alloc laminate flooring collection will please you and your eye. Not only does this laminate flooring look like real wood, but it also has an authentic look, unlike no other. The natural knots, spots, and wood grain are allowed to show through each of these wood species. The colors and patterns are as unique as the actual wood grain itself.

Alloc Original Fall Oak laminate flooring
Alloc Original Fall Oak laminate flooring

Alloc Original Specs

The high pressure laminate (HPL) construction will ensure that your flooring is well balanced & stable with chip-resistant edges and superior impact resistance to maintain its beauty. With AC5 –highest durability rating, this premium laminate flooring is ideal for the busy family as well as for commercial installation. And this 10mm laminate flooring comes with a built-in silent underlayment, which will help reduce the noise level in your home and make installation clean and easy.

Alloc Original laminate flooring is superior, with the edges sealed with wax and moisture resistant core offers superior spill and moisture resistance. But the most amazing feature of this premium floors is their patented aluminum locking system that simplifies installation and holds the planks firmly together.

This Alloc flooring is one of the most durable, yet easy to care for laminate flooring in the market place today. A light sweep and an occasional vacuum, is periodically needed.

Alloc Original Wild Cherry laminate flooring
Alloc Original Wild Cherry laminate flooring

Alloc Original features at glance:

  • 10mm thick
  • HPL  construction
  • Alloc Aqua HDF -moisture resistant construction
  • Build-up silent underlayment foam
  • AC5 commercial durability
  • Wax sealed edges
  • Aluminum locking system
  • Lifetime residential warranty
  • 10-year commercial use warranty
  • With joint strength of 1000lb/ft and open concept installation allowing up to 2,500 sq.ft on continues installation ( 50 linear foot) this floor is one of the best  laminate flooring on the market.

If the flooring in your home is tired and worn out, this laminate flooring is an investment you should probably look into. Alloc Original laminate flooring is guaranteed under the exclusive Lifetime warranty for residential and 10-year for heavy commercial use. This includes Joint Integrity, Stain Resistance, Fade Resistance, Wear Resistance, Water Resistance, and Length of Coverage.

See Bestlaminate’s review of Alloc Original Laminate Flooring:

Alloc laminate flooring can be easily installed by most DIY lovers. The installation process may actually be the simplest step when it comes to the process of installing Alloc Original laminate flooring in your home. The most difficult choice will be deciding which wood species you will go with. The flooring is beautiful, innovative, and durable! Alloc Original laminate flooring will bring new life into your home, and your family will wonder why you did not tackle this flooring project any sooner.

Interested in Alloc Original laminate flooring? Order a free sample of your favorites and we will send them to you, free of charge!

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  1. HELP ! I am having my kitchen renovated. I LOVE my ALLOC floor. Our contactor now tells me that I need ONE BOX to cover where the new cabinets will be installed! Reno started yesterday and I either find it or will have to replace all my flooring. Looking for ALLOC “original with Silent System” 4232 TP Colonial Pine.

    • Hi Wendy, thank you for your question. That item was unfortunately dropped a little over 3 years ago. I do apologize for the inconvenience. One option could be to check on either Craigslist or EBay, I know if some people have extra they sell it on-line. Best of Luck. – Brittany

  2. Melinda Sorkness

    What is the avg. price per box of the 8 planks to a box of this alloc original with silent system . thanks Melinda

  3. I installed Alloc in my home 4 years ago. I’m a DIY’er and it was easy. The hardest part was getting the ceramic tile off the floor. After that installing the Alloc was simple and quick. Great product.

  4. Can this product be used in seasonal homes, where the place is left unheated in Michigan winter conditions?

    • Fred

      Barb, I would recommend that you call the manufacturer of whatever floor that you are interested in purchasing directly and ask them if their particular flooring product will withstand extreme cold temperatures. You can find the phone numbers online if you Google search the manufactures name. Thank you.

  5. I have Alloc/Meribu Symphony installed all in my house but I need 1more room…Is your Meribu the same? I have 5 boxes. I will need sample mailed to match what I have. Please send original and commercial. I’ll give room measurements to get how many boxes needed and total price and shipping and delivery time. thanks

  6. Nelson, Alloc laminate flooring is suitable for indoor installation, the outside temperature will not impact performance of this floor. But it is important to keep Alloc floors for 24-48 hrs before installation in room temerature- this way your floor will have a chance to adjust to the climate of your room; you will also avoid potentential future problems with buckling. Also, please remember during the installation to leave at least 1/2″ expansion gap around the perimeter of the room(floor is expending and shrinking adjusting to high or low temperature). You won’t be disappointed with Alloc laminate flooring performance- this brand offers superb durability, joint integrity and moisture protection with moisture resistant core and wax coated joints.

  7. Commercial flooring

    This kind of post is very rare.. its so hard to seek a post like this. very informative and the contents are very Obvious and Concise .I will look more of your post. Thank you for sharing.

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