What is Angle-Angle Laminate Installation?

Angle-angle laminate installation is one of the most easy and DIY friendly installation methods available. When purchasing a laminate floor, be sure to pay close attention to the type of installation mentioned by the manufacturer. Using the wrong tools or improper installation technique can damage your new floors!

Do I Install Angle-Angle Like Other Laminate Floors?

Yes and no. Angle-angle installation works with the same idea what you don’t need to use glue or nails to install your flooring. However, this type of installation also allows you to lay the new floor down without needing to tap the planks together, or the use of a tapping block and hammer. This makes installation much quicker and easier!

It’s important to note: using tapping blocks on a floor that is made for angle-angle laminate installation will damage the planks and render them unusable!

Please view the videos below for proper Angle-Angle laminate installation:

How Does It Work?

Angle-angle laminate installation is done by assembling one row at a time, and clicking planks into the previous row length-wise, much like using a zipper. This method helps cut down on installation time and costs. Many companies are applying this new type of locking system to their flooring, which is great news for you DIY-ers! Some brands we carry that have this type of locking systems for some collections are Kronoswiss and Kronopol.If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual provided in the flooring box or online. If you still need assistance, please call us at 1-800-520-0961 and our representatives would be happy to assist you with your installation!

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