Basic Laminate Flooring Installation Tips

You have purchased laminate flooring and are ready to install your beautiful new laminate floor. Before you begin to install your laminate flooring, you will want to review the following basic laminate flooring installation tips. Laminate flooring will be a permanent fixture in your home; as it is not something that is changed on a regular basis. Therefore, know the basics before you begin installing your laminate flooring.

Tip #1: Read The Installation Instructions

One of the simplest, but easiest ways to get a good idea of how to lay your specific brand of laminate flooring is to read the instructions. Many people never open the instructions that come with the product. Put yourself in the elite group, read the laminate installation instructions. You will not regret it!

Tip #2: Check Your Subfloor

Make sure the subfloor is in good repair. If it is not intact, or smooth, make sure this is corrected before you lay the laminate foam underlayment. Protect yourself by using a moisture tester and make sure the subfloor is no greater than 12 % in the moisture department. Should you have any laminate flooring issues down the road, you will know that moisture is not a cause of your problem. When the sub-flooring is sound, your laminate flooring should withstand years of wear.

Inspect your subfloor

Tip #3: Acclimate Your Flooring

A simple tip that many don’t consider. Make sure the boxes of laminate flooring are acclimated to the room it will be installed in. The room should be comfortable- 60 degree minimum temperature. When the boxes are stacked, cross stack them. This will eliminate any potential warping or bending of the laminate planks.

Acclimate your flooring by cross stacking the boxes

Tip #4: Check Flooring For Defects Before Installing

When you remove the planks from the boxes, analyze each one. Some planks may work better as starter pieces, while others work better everywhere. Should you find several unacceptable planks, return them to your supplier and see what can be done to assist you with your situation.

Tip #5: Purchase Molding When You Purchase Your Flooring

When you purchase your laminate flooring, make sure you also purchase any thresholds, quarter round, and base molding at the same time. This will save you time and money. Remember, laminate flooring comes in an array of colors and will meet your decorating needs. The durability and strength that laminate flooring offers is something you will appreciate for years to come.


If you have any other tips, feel free to post them in the comments below! If you have questions, you can write them in the comments as well, or call us at 1-800-520-0961.

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