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Celebrity Homes: Ben McKenzie’s Hollywood Home

If you’re a fan of Fox’s Gotham (or if you watched Southland or The O.C.) you know the “quiet, guarded leading-man” Ben McKenzie. His clean-cut good looks and charm are exactly what you’d expect in a guy from Austin, Texas.

These days he splits his time between his home on the east coast, shooting Gotham in NYC, and in his home on the west coast. Here’s a look at Ben McKenzie’s Hollywood home!

Comfortable Style

In his interview with mydomaine.com, he describes his style as comfortable and casual – think “t-shirts, loose dress shirts, jeans, and sneakers” – so that’s what he wanted his home to feel like. Comfortable.

His living room looks very comfortable and inviting. The couch alone looks so comfy and is accented with plush pillows and a throw blanket perfect for relaxing.

Ben McKenzie House
Photo Credit: mydomaine.com

Natural Elements

Keeping in line with comfortable he also chose a lot of natural elements throughout. One of our favorites is the gorgeous raw edge wooden coffee table adorned with a longhorn skull, turquoise paperweight, and berries. He also chose natural fabrics in the blankets and pillows throughout.

Ben McKenzie Living Room
Photo Credit: mydomaine.com

Masculine Touches

We also love the masculine touches in his home, especially in his bedroom. From the baseball hat hanging from the headboard, to the colors chosen, to the casual olive blanket at the foot of the bed, it really feels like a mature guy’s bedroom.

Ben McKenzie Hollywood Home
Photo Credit: mydomaine.com

Love of Travel

With the help of his interior designer, Ben also incorporated elements of his favorite travel destination, Brazil. It’s in the natural textiles, wooden furniture, and patterned tiles. The funkiest choice being the overstuffed leather chairs accented with sheepskin throws.

Ben McKenzie Hollywood Hills
Photo Credit: mydomaine.com

Personal Touches

To bring in his own personal touches they were able to use the artwork Ben had been collecting over the years. He’d chosen pieces that felt personal to him and had meaning. One with the most sentimental value hangs in his living room is a photograph taken by his sister-in-law of a playful child in Gaza during conflict.

Ben McKenzie Hollywood House
Photo Credit: mydomaine.com

What do you think about Ben’s masculine and grown up bachelor pad? It feels like he and his interior designer incorporated a lot of elements that were personal to Ben’s comfortable style to accomplish a home that is perfect for him. You can follow him on Twitter if you want to know more about Ben.

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