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Bestlaminate Wood Floors With Oak Cabinets

It seems every home is initially built with oak cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom. This honey oak color is frustrating for many homeowners. Not only does it lack character but it’s also hard to match to your flooring.

If you’ve ever wondered if you can use wood floors with oak cabinets, we have your answer. Here are some of the best laminate wood flooring combinations you can try for your home.

A Perfect Match

To make your kitchen look bigger, match your honey oak cabinets with the same color, or similar color, flooring. The match should be close to perfect so that the different shades do not clash. However, when done right, it can add dimension to your room and bring your kitchen to life.

Remember, if you plan to match your flooring, contrast your “perfect match” look with a bold wall coloring. Blues and greens look sharp with oak coloring and do a nice job of breaking up your space in a trendy, chic way.

Traditional Kitchen by Campbell General Contractors Rehder Construction, Inc.
Traditional Kitchen by Campbell General Contractors Rehder Construction, Inc.

Dark vs. Light

Most homeowners with oak cabinets contrast their wood floors with a darker stain than the cabinets. This separates the floor from the cabinetry and adds depth to the room. Dark espresso colored flooring works well for this.

If you plan to paint your cabinets eventually, you might want to opt for a lighter color wood flooring. This way, you won’t pigeonhole yourself into keeping your honey oak cabinets and instead you can have more flexibility in your long-term kitchen décor.

Industrial Kitchen by New York Architects & Building Designers David Howell Design
Industrial Kitchen by New York Architects & Building Designers David Howell Design

Go All White

Speaking of painting your cabinets, consider what your kitchen or bathroom would look like if you turned it into an all-white, clean space. Whitewashed floors and white cabinetry look modern and chic together. They fit perfect in kitchens and bathrooms because these are the rooms where cleanliness is a top priority.

To decide which option is best for you, consider the big picture. What style do you want your kitchen? If you want it rustic, opt for a darker and lighter combination. If you want it clean and modern, matching or whitewashed flooring might be a better option.

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