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How Big are the Tile Squares in Tile Laminate Flooring?

Tile laminate flooring varies in style between collections and manufacturers. The tile squares in tile laminate flooring are available in a number of sizes, and are usually made to mimic natural tile looks.

tile laminate flooring

So, if they vary, what are my options?

Since the tiles often come in a plank format, the measurements provided account for the entire size of plank. Each plank can hold two or more tiles. Depending on the tile design, the arrangement and size for the individual tiles will be different. When looking at tile flooring, pay attention to the plank format and you will see how many tiles are found on each plank.

Faus Innovation Midnight Slate a 15.5″ x 46-7/16″ plank, multi-tile style laminate flooring

Planks sometimes also come in square formats. These squares are typically around 15” x 15”, however can vary depending on manufacturer and plank style.

Faus Cresendo
Faus Cresendo a 22.83″ x 23.66″ square, single-tile style laminate flooring

Manufacturers focus on making these tile floors as natural looking as possible and tile sizes generally mimic the dimensions of actual tiles. Specific measurements are provided with every product, so make sure to check product specification page, where the size of the plank as well as number of  tiles per plank are available.

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