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Blue and White Home Design Ideas

Whether you’re decorating a seaside retreat or just want to create a space reminiscent of calm oceans and broad skies, blue and white décor is an easy answer. Home design ideas using this palette are ultra-popular. This is because blues are very versatile and white adds a crisp, clean feeling. In fact, many people associate this combination with navy and white nautical stripes.

Here are some other ideas to demonstrate how fun and flexible these colors can be!

Get Shady

Blue and white decor means so much more than just combining two colors. There are endless tones of blue to work with, from barely-there ice blue (or Alice blue) to near-black midnight blue. Teal, indigo, and periwinkle have aspects of greens or purples to add dimension. Whites need not be true white in order to achieve the blue and white effect. Off-white shades such as ivory, cream, and ecru have a less austere feel. The best part is that it is easy and effective to combine multiple hues. Navy, steel, and cornflower blues work together within the same room, even in a small space such as a bed with different tones for pillows, sheets, and comforter! Finding complimentary shades of blue and white for living room furniture, wallpaper, and accessories makes it seem as if the room is awash in a plethora of colors.

Traditional Bedroom by Easton Interior Designers & Decorators Bountiful
Traditional Bedroom by Easton Interior Designers & Decorators Bountiful

Fit To Print

Blue and white patterned linens and pillows are available in an abundance of shades. As with hue, mixing patterns also looks amazing. The key with mixing multiple patterns is for the color tones in each pattern to match. Damask, Greek key, and pastoral scene throw pillows can sit side by side without looking busy as long as their shades are consistent. It is also extremely effective to blend a busy patterned wallpaper or drapery with solid colored furniture. Using the same print all over in a space like a bedroom where the linens, pillows, bed canopy or headboard, and even wallpaper works well in blue and white because of the simplicity of the colors but should be paired with solid white ceilings and floors.

Traditional Living Room on Houzz
Traditional Living Room on Houzz

Pop Of Color

Despite the assortment of shades of blue and white, many decorators using this color scheme choose to add a subtle pop of a third color. Rather than detracting attention from the blue and white overall theme, this color serves to brighten the space and can be used to highlight certain aspects of the room. Some popular choices for an additional color are metallics, pale yellow, or red. Gold and copper accents like picture frames and freestanding accessories give the room a homey, antique feel. Yellows create a light and airy mood. Red pillows can be combined with blue and white to draw attention to pretty scenes or patterns.

Beach Style Living Room by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Tom Stringer Design Partners
Beach Style Living Room by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Tom Stringer Design Partners

Amazing Ceramics

Collectors of Delft blue and willow porcelain, which dates back to ancient Chinese culture and popularly found in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, are rejoicing at the resurgence of blue and white décor. Scenes from the classic willow design to pastoral scapes, and animal depictions are among the various motifs that are popular in blue and white china plates, vases, and tiles. Collections of plates can be displayed on shelves or walls in kitchens and dining rooms. Vases, pots, and jars look fantastic grouped together as a focal point in a living room or as stand alone items in entryways or transitional spaces. Delft tiles make for beautiful backsplashes in blue and white kitchens, drawing the eye to the oft-wasted space between countertop or stove and shelving.

Traditional Living Room on Houzz
Traditional Living Room on Houzz

Don’t Forget The Floor

If your room isn’t heavy with prints or patterns, consider bringing your blue and white décor onto floor level. White flooring adds a nice finishing touch to kitchens and bathrooms. You can also create your own chevron or checkerboard pattern this way! Throw rugs give another option for print. Opt for blue and white patterned rugs if your space is decorated in mostly solids. Finally, don’t underestimate the effect of a single colored, vibrant blue rug on white floor!

Pergo Accolade Westbury Pine laminate flooring
Pergo Accolade Westbury Pine laminate flooring

The blue and white color combination is both trendy and traditional and works in any area from living room, to kitchen, to bedroom. Old world ceramics, European tiling, and modern prints come together to create a space that is modern and romantic.  Remember to think about all of the shades available within this color palette and don’t be afraid to experiment with mix and match patterns. As with most home improvement projects, the long-term view should be considered before committing to a particular color scheme. If selling or renting is in the future, neutral colors are recommended. Neutral colors, like white also adapt more readily to your own changing lifestyle.

Have you incorporated white and blue colors into your home? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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