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Can I buy laminate flooring in a specific size and color?

You can buy laminate flooring in an endless combination of sizes and colors. Laminate flooring is available in different plank thicknesses and widths. Plank thickness can range from 6mm to 12mm thick, and width can be from 3 to over 6 inches. As for color, laminate flooring is available in a vast color selection. Ranging from oak to acacia, black to white, and everything in between! There is a laminate flooring color for everyone.

It is important to decide what plank dimensions and color are best for your project in order to being the search for the right floor. There is no such thing as custom laminate flooring where you select the features you want, however there is an infinite amount of combinations that you can choose from.

Choose a Color

When deciding what laminate flooring is right for your, first select the color you would like to have. Consider your current furnishings, decor, trim and home theme when selecting a color. Find a color that will tie your space together. Choose something that will last. Don’t just get the hottest item on the market, unless you really love it!

Armstrong Architectural Remnants Skip Planed Blackened Natural
Armstrong Architectural Remnants Skip Planed Blackened Natural

Choose a Durability

Once you settle on a color, establish what kind of performance this floor must have. Performance is rated by the AC rating which ranged from AC1 to AC5. AC5 is the highest rating and is suitable for heavy commercial use. Next, decide on the thickness of your flooring. Although thickness does not determine durability, it does play a role in the stability and sturdiness of your floor. If you are looking for a product that will be very tough, choose a thicker flooring.

Alloc Original American Cherry
Alloc Original American Cherry

Choose the Features

Once you decide on a color and durability level, ask yourself what kind of look you are going for, rustic, contemporary, coastal? There is an endless number of flooring styles to choose from. Decide on the texture you want your flooring to have. Some of the most popular flooring textures are hand scraped, high gloss piano finish, and brushed finish. Choose an edge style for your flooring. You can get square edges, which have a smooth and seamless appearance or you can get beveled edges, which have micro grooves in between planks that mimic the appearance of authentic hardwood. Choose a plank style. Decide how wide, long, and busy you want your planks to be. There is an enormous selection of planks styles and every manufacturer has a different offering.

Elesgo Super Gloss Black
Elesgo Super Gloss Black

Choose a Warranty

Ask yourself what kind of warranty you want your floor to have. Prior to making the ultimate decision, take a look at the warranty and make sure it is something you are okay with. Most warranties range from 10 years to lifetime. Choose the warranty that best fits your lifestyle. If you have a lot of active kids and pets, you may want a floor that’s protected for a lifetime.

If you have any other questions, write them in the comments below or give our experience sales representatives a call – 1-800-520-0961!

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