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Can you feel the grout lines on tile laminate flooring?

Tile laminate flooring is made to mimic authentic tile. Just by looking at the flooring, it is easy to mistake it for actual tile flooring. Grout lines are made to look as natural and genuine as possible and in many designs, the grout lines can be felt.

If you choose a square edge tile laminate flooring design, the planks will meet together at a square angle and create a smooth and seamless surface. In this type of design, the grout lines will be less prominent and likely not so easily felt.

Faus High Line Blanco Oxide
Faus High Line Blanco Oxide

If you choose a beveled edge design, tiny grooves will be at the connection of each plank and create a natural appearing bevel between each plank. This will make the grout lines noticeable, touchable and very authentic looking.

Classen VisioGrande Screed Light
Classen VisioGrande Screed Light

Sometimes, tile laminate flooring will be in a random arrangement and the grout lines will not be placed at the edges of each plank. In this case, grout lines will be at the discretion of the manufacturer and sometimes more prominent than others. Keep in mind that manufacturers make their floors with the final appearance in mind. Tile laminate flooring is made to mimic authentic tile so no matter what the layout of the tiles or arrangement and depth of the grout lines, your tile laminate flooring will make your space look sophisticated and wonderfully finished.

Faus Innovation Midnight Slate
Faus Innovation Midnight Slate

If you are unsure which type of edge style you prefer, order a sample to see it yourself!

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