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Can I Glue Laminate to a Concrete Wall?

Can I Glue Laminate to a Concrete Wall?

If you’ve been keeping up with trends, you have now seen houses with laminate flooring installed on walls! But what if you want this look in a basement and you have to install on a concrete wall?

Yes, You Can!

You are in luck! You can glue laminate flooring to a concrete wall, but you will need a special adhesive to make sure that your planks do not come falling down off of your walls due to the concrete wall having more moisture in it than regular drywall.

What Adhesive To Use on a Concrete Wall?

You should use a cove base adhesive. This special adhesive is formulated for quick grab and rapid set-up. It will create a faster and stronger installation, which is what you need for concrete walls. You can find this type of adhesive at most hardware department stores. Additionally, you may need to create a bracing system ensure the planks are glued securely to the wall.

We would highly recommend having a professional do this type of installation for you, as it is an advanced technique of installing laminate flooring.

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