Can I Install Vinyl Floors Under Cabinets

Can I Install Vinyl Floors Under Cabinets?

We often get asked if vinyl flooring can be installed under cabinets. Well, the answer isn’t cut and dry. The two most common installation types of vinyl plank flooring is Click-Lock or Glue-Down installation. Depending on which you install, you may be able to install under cabinets.

Click-Lock Installation

If you are installing click-lock vinyl plank flooring, you should NOT install under cabinets. Since your floor will be floating on the subfloor and connected solely by the locking system, it needs space to expand and contract with temperature changes. If you install heavy cabinetry such as kitchen cabinets on top, it will inhibit the floor from expanding and contracting, and can lead to issues such as buckling and damaged locking systems. As for furniture, it is okay to have furnishings on top of your floor. Invest in felt pads to attach to the bottom of your furnishings so any movements do not damage your vinyl plank flooring.


Glue-Down Installation

If you are installing glue-down vinyl plank flooringit is okay to install under cabinets. Since the planks will be glued down to the floor, they will not  contract and expand with temperature changes. If you are working with an empty space, it is most definitely easier to simply lay the entire surface without complications and later install cabinets such as kitchen cabinetry. As for furniture, it is okay to have furnishings on top of your floor. Invest in felt pads to attach to the bottom of your furnishings so any movements do not damage your vinyl plank flooring.


Are you about to install vinyl in your kitchen? Have more questions? Write them in the comments below and we would love to help you!

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    I am installing vinyl click flooring in a bathroom. The bathroom will have a 61″ vanity that weighs approximately 250-300 lbs. The vanity will not be bolted to anything, only affixed to plumbing. Can I place the vanity on top of the vinyl plank flooring or do I need to place the flooring around the vanity and come up with a way to hide the gap? If the vinyl needs to be placed around the vanity, would a bead of caulk work as a way to cover the gap as opposed to trying to modify the bottom of the vanity I just spent a good amount of money on?

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Rachelle, thanks for the question. Is it a vanity with legs or a solid bottom? If it has legs, just add disks or cushion under the legs to disburse the weight. It will be fine over the flooring. If it is more of a cabinet bottom, you will need to install flooring around it. If you do float around it, use a quarter round to cover the gap. Hope this helps!

  2. Avatar

    We are installing the click lock floating vinyl flooring. It is going to be in our bathroom and we have 2 small kids who like to splash and play, thus at times water gets splashed out into the floor. Is the click lock floating flooring truly water proof? Or do we have to do something to it to make it water proof? And can we install the floor, and then the toilet? This way of the toilet leaks it’ll be over top of the flooring, not under? Thank you for any help!

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Katrina, thanks for the question. Vinyl is completely waterproof! You will need to seal the flooring around the tub and water-prone areas to prevent water from getting trapped underneath the flooring, which can lead to mold. For the toilet, yes you will install the floor first.

  3. Avatar

    Can Marmoleum Click floors be installed just under a toekick (but not the entire cabinet). I’d rather not have a gap there.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Natalie, how thick is the toe kick? Will you be using this as your finish with no quarter round? If it is over .25″, then it should cover the gap!

  4. Avatar

    Hello, I am looking to put lvt on top of my ceramic tiles. From your article I learned that I can’t put it below the cabinets.

    So…i should just install the cabinets ontop of my ceramic tiles, and after fully installed, install lvt around the cabinets and island?

    Lastly, whats my process/sequence here for the following things that need to be done:

    1.pendant lights over island, and recess lights in kitchen need to be moved and added
    2. Paint
    3. Flooring (LVT)
    4. Kitchen install
    4. Kitchen receptacle needs to be added


    • Avatar

      Kitchen Cabinet Install* (#4)
      Kitchen receptacles *#5

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Chirag, yes that is correct. You will need to first level the tiles if you have any grout lines, then install the cabinets. I am not in construction, but I think the electrical will want to be done befoer the paint. After, you will want to do all of the paint and wet installations before installing the flooring, then the cabinets, then the flooring.

  5. Avatar

    With the click lock systems, if you don’t fit them up to the walls (under the units), then presumably you leave approx 500/600mm between the last plank and the wall, with an unused edge? If you have kitchen units on both sides of the kitchen, then you have that on both sides on the floor. Does that affect the stability of the floor because neither edge is butted up to the wall?

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Steven, thanks for your question. No, this will not affect the stability of the flooring. A floating floor will never fit right up to the walls, as they need an expansion gap. With cabinets, you still need the gap. As long as your flooring isn’t going 30′ or more, the floor will float perfectly fine.

  6. Avatar

    Can I put vinyl plank flooring directly over linoleum? And if so, which option is best; click, floating or glued?

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Linda, yes you can put it over linoleum as long as it is in good condition and level. I think a floating click lock vinyl will be best for you in this situation!

  7. Avatar

    After reading about not putting vanities on floating vinyl planks what about the toilet

  8. Avatar

    I also am installing a floating floor in my kitchen during the remodeling. Should I put plywood down underneath my new cabinets to even everything out? Should I put plywood underneath my dishwasher or could I put the floating floor? As for the stove and refrigerator, I read that the floating floor should be fine underneath them. Is that true?

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Rob, thanks for the question. You can put the floating floor under all of your appliances, except the dishwasher. You shouldn’t need to put additional plywood under the cabinets or appliances – the flooring will frame it.

  9. Avatar

    Hi, great article! I understand that you can’t put a floating vinyl floor under kitchen cabinets, but what about a floating island in the center of the kitchen. What I mean by floating island is that it will be free standing on legs underneath (Ikea leg stands), and not bolted to the floor like a permanent island would be (so it could be moved if needed). Would it be ok to put a floating Island over the floating LVP floors? It will have a Qaurtz counter top if that matters at all.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Shaun, great question. Yes, you can put a floating vinyl under the island. The legs will disburse the weight, so it will not prevent it from floating. Just be sure to add some coasters or felt under the legs to prevent them from denting the surface! Also, be careful when you are moving it on the floor. Use cardboard if you need to slide it over the floor.

      • Avatar

        Hi Alana, thanks for answering my original question about the floating island. I have a similar question in regards to putting a floating floor under Ikea kitchen cabinets. We are installing an Ikea kitchen. It is my understanding that the cabinets are hung on the wall by a railing system (supports most of the weight), then assisted with adjustable legs in the front of the cabinets to help with level and support. My question is since most of the cabinet weight is hung on the wall by the railing system, do you think I could install a vinyl rigid core (SPC) floor under the cabinets? I also heard the new SPC rigid core vinyl flooring was less susceptible to expanding and contracting, is that true?

        • Alana Kane

          Hi Shaun, no problem! With this type of cabinet, installing under it should be fine. I am also assuming there will be space to see under the cabinets, so you will want the flooring to continue under the cabinets. I would recommend putting some felt or disk under the legs just to avoid denting with the legs. And yes, an SPC vinyl is less susceptible to expanding and contracting, but it is still necessary to have the ability to float. Hope this answers everything! Best of luck with your new kitchen!

    • Avatar

      Hi, I want to tear out a small corner of carpet for a wet bar/kitchenette in my basement. I was thinking I’d put down some kind of sub floor over the concrete to provide some cushion and vapor barrier. Then put a couple kitchen type cabinets on top. Could I use a floating floor/click lock plank around the cabinets in such a small area and have the butt up against a carpeted area? Would a glue down plank be better or can you do a floating floor that meets up to carpet? Thanks.

      • Alana Kane

        Hi Mike, thanks for the question. I wouldn’t worry about adding plywood, as you can install an underlayment and then install over top of that. You could use a click lock, but you would need a transition strip between the floating floor and carpet.If you want to do glue down, then you would not need a molding.

  10. Avatar

    If there is supposed to be a gap on the outside edges of the floor so it can expand and contract, how to I install around the cabinets without it looking ugly from a exposed gap?

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Garrett, yes you need an expansion gap. Under cabinets, people either use a quarter round or a plastic type molding base.

  11. Avatar

    What type of glue should be used if I wanted to glue down a snap together floating floor, I want to install the floor then install our new Kitchen Cabinets on top, so I don’t want the floor floating

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Jeff, thanks for the question. If you glue down your floating floor, you will most likely void your warranty. You could also risk damage with the floor expanding and contracting depending on the type of floor you are installing. If you plan to do a vinyl flooring, you should opt for a glue down vinyl.

  12. Avatar

    I am remodeling a kitchen. The vinyl flooring was replaced a year ago and run up to the cabinets on top of the old vinyl. I now am installing a dishwasher and a refrigerator and need to add flooring. Under the dishwasher should I build that up and install it on level vinyl flooring or should it just be installed in the base flooring? I’m worried about replacing the dishwasher in the future and not being able to remove it without removing countertop.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Janice, great question. I would recommend continuing the same flooring you have beneath the dishwasher and refrigerator. So yes, level the floor and continue installation.

  13. Avatar

    We just installed vinyl plank flooring in our bathroom, and we bought a vanity that has legs. So the floor will be visible under the vanity. The floor was put in as a floating floor, should we take it out, redo and glue it down? The vanity is not returnable. I’m trying not to panic right now.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Larissa, thanks for your question! If it is not a bolted down vanity, you should be fine to install over the flooring. Be sure to use disks under the logs to help prevent denting of the flooring.

  14. Avatar

    What about a bathroom vanity? We are redoing our half bath and we are using a vinyl plank floating floor. Can I put our 30″vanity with granite counter top on top of the floor? Our bathroom is 3’x8′ with the vanity on the 3′ side.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Lisa, if it is a built in vanity and cabinet, you should not install it over the vinyl. Anything that is very heavy can stop the vinyl from being able to float freely.

    • Avatar

      I have excercise equipment , what should I put under the legs? Rug or rubber matts?

      • Alana Kane

        Hi Sue, thanks for the question. I would be careful with rubber mats, as they can discolor the floor. You should be able to find coasters or disks that you can put under the legs.

  15. Avatar

    Hi, I am installing flooring in the kitchen, is it OK to run it underneath the oven?

  16. Avatar

    I am going to get new cabinets installed and have bought a click vinyl floor. We are trying to decide between gluing vs floating. Ideally we would like to have the cabinets on top of the floor to avoid the less than ideal appearance of trim at the bottom of our cabinets and we know that you cannot do this on a floating floor… But is it possible to just glue down the planks where the cabinets will go and then float from those glue down pieces for the rest of the kitchen?

    • Avatar

      Hey Jennifer! That is a great question. Unfortunately if you glue one part of a room, you have to glue all of it. This is because the planks that are not glued would have nowhere to move as they expand, and would then cause the floor to buckle. I hope this answers your question!

    • Avatar

      I have been told by flooring store owners that cabinets can be placed on a COREtec flooring, but I am reading differently, I am replacing kitchen Cabinets and flooring. Would prefer to go under but which is best? Alliances will be on top of the flooring . Confused

      • Alana Kane

        Hi Ken, thanks for the question. If you are installing COREtec as a floating floor, you will need to install cabinets first and have the flooring outline the cabinets. They should not go under the cabinets, as it will restrict the ability to float properly. If you are gluing vinyl down, you can place it under the cabinets. In my opinion, installing glue down vinyl under the cabinets is just a waste of money, considering it will not be seen and is unnecessary for under the cabinets. I hope this helps!

  17. Avatar

    I’m remodeling my downstairs and i have vinyl plank locking floors going in. I don’t want to put my cabnets on concrete what should i use under the cabnets and could i put the vinyl planks under the appliances?

    • Avatar

      Hi, Sandra! Very good question. We do not recommend putting click-lock vinyl flooring under cabinets as the floating floor needs to be able to expand and contract. However, you can put appliances (fridge, washer/dryer, etc.) on top of the vinyl plank flooring. Putting cabinets directly on the concrete is the best option for your cabinets and for your flooring. The concrete provides a stable surface for the cabinets to be placed on. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-520-0961!

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