Can I Put Laminate Flooring on Stairs?

Can I Put Laminate Flooring on Stairs?

Are you finishing up an installation and wondering, can I put laminate flooring on stairs? Well, laminate and vinyl flooring can be installed on stairs! This is a great way to expand your beautiful floor onto your staircase, and easily refresh an outdated staircase.

Installing laminate flooring on stairs is definitely one time you won’t use it as a floating floor system, so do not use underlayment. You will need to glue and screw (or nail) the laminate down to the stairs themselves. The glue should be a Liquid Nails® or “construction-type” glue dispensed from a glue gun. To ensure a stronger grip by the adhesive to the back of the laminate-flooring plank, we recommend scratching the back surface of the plank with either a knife or screwdriver.

In addition to the laminate, you will need either a flush-mount stair nose or an overlap stair nose, depending on your project’s needs. Whichever molding you decide to use, you will still need to use an overlap stair nose on the top step of the staircase. This is so that the laminate that you have installed in your area at the top of your staircase isn’t pinned down, like a flush-mount stair nose will do, and will allow the laminate to float properly.

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  1. Thanks for your question, William. We would suggest using a glue down vinyl flooring for this space as it can withstand the temperature changes.

  2. What kind of flooring can I use on a plywood floor in the second floor of a detached garage subject to temperatures above 90 and below freezing?

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