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Can I Put Vinyl Tile On Top Of Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

Dear Bob and Betsy,
We have a vinyl sheet flooring right now and want to put new glue-down vinyl in our kitchen. Can we lay the vinyl tile on top of vinyl sheet flooring?
– Jack and Carolyn W.

Dear Jack and Carolyn,

It’s great that you want to revamp your flooring from old vinyl sheet flooring to vinyl tile plank flooring! Before installing over top of your previous vinyl flooring, you should follow the tips below.

Tear It Up!

By applying a glue-down vinyl over another vinyl, your are creating a soft substrate for you new floor. Glue-down vinyl plank flooring needs a very firm sub-floor in order to adhere properly. By having too soft of a sub-floor, your new vinyl floor will wear faster, leave lasting dimples from furniture, and ultimately will crack the vinyl. Be sure to follow all instructions on the vinyl flooring installation instructions and adhesive instructions for a successful installation.

Glue Down Vinyl Flooring (Photo Credit: Young and Domestic)
Glue Down Vinyl Flooring (Photo Credit: Young and Domestic)

If Tearing Up Isn’t An Option

If tearing up the vinyl flooring is too much of a hassle or you are unable to do it, consider switching to a laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a floating flooring, meaning that you do not use glue or nails to lay down the flooring. Most laminate flooring uses a click-lock system in order to install the floor. What you will first do, is lay down an underlayment and then install the laminate flooring on top of it. The underlayment allows the laminate flooring to float on top of the sub-floor. Be sure to check and make sure you use a thinner underlayment, since you will already have some give because of the previously installed vinyl flooring.

Laminate flooring and underlayment
Laminate flooring being installed on top of underlayment

If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to write them below! We love to hear from you and answer any questions you have!

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  1. Hi William, Yes, you would be able to install the vinyl in that situation. The attached pad will help with any imperfections of the subfloor or flooring under a quarter of an inch.

  2. Hi Kathy, You can install right over top of the sheet vinyl. In a lot of cases, vinyl planks now come with an attached underlayment too.

  3. I have vinyl plank 7mm (rubber backed) and want to put it down over a patterned vinyl sheet. The sheet pattern, has a minor indentation to identify squares. Can I do this without the pattern underneath showing at a later date?

  4. I’m thinking of installing a Vinyl plank floor in my kitchen area. i currently have sheet vinyl down now. Do I need to put an underlayment down or can I install the planks right over the sheet vinyl floor?

  5. Hi Patti! When installing the first row of the Coreluxe Vinyl floor, you need to make sure the short end of the plank is completely connected by tapping the short ends together (Use a tapping block to make sure there is no damage to the plank). When installing the second row, if the first row is completely connected, the second row will not cause separation between the planks. If you are still having an issue with the installation, I would recommend contacting the Coreluxe manufacturer.

  6. We are trying to install Coreluxe Vinyl Plank Flooring over sheet vinyl. We have put down an underlayment and have spacers around the edges to allow for movement. Every time we install the 2nd row it causes the first row of planks to come apart. Or once the 2nd row of planks seems “locked” in place it causes the first row to lift up slightly so the 2 rows together form a very shallow ‘V’ shape. What are we doing wrong??

  7. Hi Linda, thanks for reaching out. We do not sell this brand specifically, but from the description online, it does not look like you need an underlayment. This is standard with vinyls. As long as your current floor is adhered to the subfloor, you should be able to install right over it. Just keep in mind your subfloor should be in good condition and completely level before installing any flooring. It may be a good idea to cut the curls of flooring so it is a level surface.

  8. I want to put smartcore ultra I’ve my existing vinyl sheet flooring. Lowe’s first said I did not need an underlayment and now they are. Do I? My floor is curled up in a couple of places but they said that wouldn’t be a problem. They would be installing and said it wouldn’t be guaranteed now if I don’t have underlayment. Would just like to know if I’m getting yanked around.

  9. You’re very welcome, Scott! We’re glad that you found the advice useful!

  10. I like that you talked about gluing the vinyl planks before adding more vinyl. I have been wanting to add another vinyl layer, but I haven’t known how. I’ll have to try the gluing first. Thanks for the advice!

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