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How Can I Recruit Help For Laminate Flooring Installation?

Dear Bob & Betsy,
I just got my shipment of laminate floors and I couldn’t be more excited! I am waiting the necessary few days for them to acclimatize but I’m getting anxious. I don’t want to do this installation on my own. Do you have someone who can help, or do you have any tips on how I can recruit help for laminate flooring installation projects?
– Tina A.

Dear Tina,

Most people are busy these days, so it’s not easy to recruit help for projects around the house. Although your friends mean well, they might need a little extra motivation to come over and spend a day installing your new flooring.

The good news is laminate flooring is so easy to install that you can do it yourself. Granted, it’s more fun with help. Here are a few of the ways we suggest getting your group of friends on board and eager to help you with the process.

Share Our Laminate Flooring Installation Checklist

When you first ask for help, some people might be overwhelmed at the idea. “Isn’t installing new flooring a job that you should hire a contractor to do for you?” they might ask. That’s because they don’t know how easy laminate flooring is to work with.

Bestlaminate Customer Room Scene: Installing Laminate Flooring
Bestlaminate Customer Room Scene: Installing Laminate Flooring

Sharing our installation checklist will help your friends see how simple the process really is. It walks you and everyone helping you through the basic process of the click and lock system. For the people who love using power tools, measuring and cutting the pieces is a welcome activity.

Show your friends the installation guide and let them see for themselves just how fast and easy it can be, if they help.

Make it Fun

You can make a game of your laminate flooring installation too. Cut up all the pieces ahead of time and then set the timer. The person who can lay the most planks correctly in five minutes wins.

Bestlaminate Customer Room Scene: Installing Laminate Flooring
Bestlaminate Customer Room Scene: Installing Laminate Flooring

Or, you can create a system. Does everyone want to have a chance to cut or install the planks? Come up with a rotation line.

No matter what you decide, keep it fun and upbeat.

Promise a Reward

Your friends might need a little incentive to steal them away from their busy day. Promise a reward. Buy your friends pizza once the floor is installed. Or, take them out for happy hour once the project is finished. Giving them a small token of your gratitude will go a long way to turn that “eh, I don’t think so,” into a “sure, I can help!”

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